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The Malverns & the Picturesque Hills of Worcestershire


The town of Malvern, in Worcestershire, England, and its namesake Malvern Hills, is a lovely, quintessentially-English town to visit.

Malvern Town Malverns
Malvern Street, Great Malvern. Taken by Wikimedia Commons user Daderot.

I want to tell you about somewhere close to home. In fact, it IS my home until I finish my degree. And this home would be Malvern; a hillside town in the county of Worcestershire, England. It is beloved by those who know it and those who don’t need to come to understand its beauty.

The highlight of Malvern is its hills; the Malvern Hills are stunning year round and definitely worth the walk up for the views. The ‘Beacon’ is the highest point and will give you a view out onto the fields and forests; on a clear day you can see as far as the Welsh Mountains. It is also said that J.R.R.Tolkien was inspired for the Hobbit’s shire by the view he saw from the top of the Beacon.

Another claim to fame for Malvern comes in the form of C.S.Lewis whose books about Narnia were at times, inspired by and written in Malvern. All around the town are Narnian gas lamps nestled in alleyways, hill paths and even in forests. Aside from this you can also check out the pub ‘The Unicorn’ where C.S.Lewis used to meet up with friends (including Tolkien) for a book club. Nowadays, this pub will offer you food and drink in a cosy English country atmosphere.

Malvern Hills Malverns
The Malvern Hills, taken by Wikimedia Commons user Tony Hisgett.

If pubs are your thing then you’ll also want to check out the Brewers Arms which has even won awards for having some of the best pub views in Britain. Alternatively, visit the Nag’s Head which comes with its own British red telephone box and a skeleton under the floor!

Nearby are many other wonders, such as castles and stately homes, and it’s not too far of a drive outside of Birmingham, Cardiff and Bristol. If you want to experience something quintessentially English, then you may want to come here.

Bethan Newman is an English girl trundling through life and jaunting to places the world over.

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