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6 Reasons Why Living Abroad Will Make You Smarter (Infographic)


Few of us would give up the opportunity to travel more often; now, recent research shows that living abroad can make you smarter, states this infographic.

6 Reasons Why Living Abroad Will Make You Smarter


“Very few of us would give up the opportunity to travel more often – there is something irresistibly appealing about escaping routine. Thankfully, recent research shows that living abroad can not only make you feel good, but can make you smarter too.”

1: Awaken Creativity


“When we’re physically removed from our comfort zone, new possibilities and outcomes miraculously appear. This is because our brain enters a state of ‘relaxed attention,’ enabling it to make cognitive leaps it would otherwise struggle with.”

2: Improve Communication


“When you can’t speak the language, you have no choice but to learn how to communicate non-verbally. Recognizing that communication is multi-sensory forces you to develop alternative, yet effective, modes of communication. These skills are transferable to many other areas of life.”

3: Increase Earning Potential


“Living abroad will help build foreign connections and develop your understanding of varying cultural needs – two crucial skills in the professional world.”

4: Improve Cognitive Skills


“If you live in a country with a different language to your own for long enough, you will begin to learn the language, which in turn improves your cognitive skills.”

5: Increase Productivity


“While we often assume that working ’round the clock and foregoing holidays increases productivity, research shows that time away actually makes for a more productive workforce.”

6: Boost Self-Awareness


“Self-awareness is one of the most recognized traits linked to success, and it comes as no surprise to find that living abroad enhances your self-awareness.”


“Although home is still much the same when we return, through travel something in our minds has been changed, and that has the power to transform everything within our lives. Open yourself to a new environment in your quest for a life abroad, and realize your true cognitive potential.”


This infographic was provided by the ever-creative NeoMam Studios to promote Work the World. It has been segmented down to reduce page load time, but the full infographic can be found here »

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