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Ukrainian Language Learning


Ukrainian language learning phrasebooks, wordlists, pronunciation guides, and more free tools to help travelers become more immersed in places they visit.

Ukrainian, or українська мова (“ukrayins’ka mova” transliterated), is a Slavic language and the official language of the nation of Ukraine, the second-largest country in Europe. It is also one of three official languages of Transnistria, an unrecognized country in Eastern Europe.

The Ukrainian language has its closest similarities with the Belarusian and Polish languages, though Polish follows their own version of the Latin alphabet, while Ukrainian has an adapted alphabet based on Cyrillic.

There are about 50 million native speakers of Ukrainian today, with many more using it as their secondary language. We hope you enjoy and find useful our Ukrainian language material here!


Our pronunciation guide will be up soon; we are slowly migrating language pages over from an older URL. Thanks for your patience!

Basic Language Phrasebooks & Guides

Get by in your destination country, albeit barely!

Word & Phrase Lists


Intermediate Language Phrasebooks & Guides

Get more comfortable in the language.

Word & Phrase Lists


Advanced Language Phrasebooks & Guides

Really impress the locals with your knowledge of their language!

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More Goodies

Word lists and some colorful terms and phrases that the other language guides and phrasebooks won’t teach you 😉

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