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Russian Language Learning


Russian language learning phrasebooks, wordlists, pronunciation guides, and more free tools to help travelers become more immersed in places they visit.

Russian is a Slavic language (the largest of this group) used in its namesake country, Russia, and is an official language in several other countries and territories. It is also widely spoken in many other countries, such as Latvia and Ukraine. It is one of the top-10 most-spoken languages in the world, by both native speakers and total speakers.

The Russian language uses the Cyrillic alphabet.

Pronunciation & Alphabet

Our pronunciation guide will be up soon; we are slowly migrating language pages over from an older URL. Thanks for your patience! If you just want to see the Russian Cyrillic alphabet with IPA pronunciation, it’s this way »

Basic Language Phrasebooks & Guides

Get by in your destination country, albeit barely!

Word & Phrase Lists

  • Key Words & Phrases
  • Numbers (Basic/Cardinal)
  • Telling Time
  • Getting Directions & Information
  • Days, Months & Dates


  • Greetings & Salutations
  • Basic Questions & Answers
  • Getting Around
  • Problems & Emergencies

Intermediate Language Phrasebooks & Guides

Get more comfortable in the language.

Word & Phrase Lists

  • Places & Attractions
  • Signs & Warnings
  • Weather & Seasons
  • Colors & Related Adjectives
  • Dining & Ordering
  • Accommodations Word List


  • Describing Feelings & Expressing Emotions
  • Paying, Money & Exchange
  • Checking In & Out (Accommodations)
  • Meeting People & Getting Acquainted
  • Language Difficulties

Advanced Language Phrasebooks & Guides

Really impress the locals with your knowledge of their language!

Word & Phrase Lists

  • Key Verbs
  • Countries Word List
  • Languages & Nationalities Word List
  • Occupations Word List
  • Health-Related Word List


  • Getting Through Security & Customs
  • Introducing People
  • Describing People

More Goodies

Word lists and some colorful terms and phrases that the other language guides and phrasebooks won’t teach you 😉

  • Colloquial & Slang
  • Curse Words
  • Colorful Phrases
  • Love, Flirting, Pickup Lines, Etc.
  • Buildings & Architecture Word List
  • Restaurant Menu Items Word List
  • Bar & Club Menu Items Word List
  • Clothing & Materials Word List
  • Grocery Items Word List
  • Body Parts Word List
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