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Polish Language Learning


Polish language learning phrasebooks, wordlists, pronunciation guides, and more free tools to help travelers become more immersed in places they visit.

Polish, or język polski, is the national language of the European country of Poland; about 40 million people reside in Poland and claim it as their mother tongue, with another 12-15 million people around the world speaking it.

As a Slavic language, Polish can be a very useful one to know when traveling through Eastern Europe; besides the large country of Poland, Polish is similar to nearby languages, making it useful in the surrounding countries. The Czech and Slovak languages are probably the most similar, but Ukrainian is also understandable to the discerning ear.


English speakers may find, at first glance, that the Polish language is never to be learned. It is difficult, for most, but it is easier than it looks. Learn the Polish alphabet and its pronunciation HERE »

Basic Language Phrasebooks & Guides

Get by in your destination country, albeit barely!

Word & Phrase Lists


Intermediate Language Phrasebooks & Guides

Get more comfortable in the language.

Word & Phrase Lists


Advanced Language Phrasebooks & Guides

Really impress the locals with your knowledge of their language!

Word & Phrase Lists

  • Key Verbs
  • Countries Word List
  • Languages & Nationalities Word List
  • Occupations Word List
  • Health-Related Word List


More Goodies

Word lists and some colorful terms and phrases that the other language guides and phrasebooks won’t teach you 😉

  • Colloquial & Slang
  • Curse Words
  • Colorful Phrases
  • Love, Flirting, Pickup Lines, Etc.
  • Buildings & Architecture Word List
  • Restaurant Menu Items Word List
  • Bar & Club Menu Items Word List
  • Clothing & Materials Word List
  • Grocery Items Word List
  • Body Parts Word List
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