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Here Are the Best Jobs for People Who Love Traveling to New Places


Looking for a job that gets you out from behind the desk? Consider a career in a job that allows you to see the world while earning money.

Best Jobs for People Who Love Traveling to New Places
Taken by J. Blackeye via unsplash.com. [Public Domain].

The worst thing about the rat race is that most days, you don’t even feel like you’re racing. It’s hard to finish first when you’re sitting still at your desk.

If you’ve become disillusioned with the normal working world—especially after working from home has brought all the ennui of office life into your own four walls—we can’t blame you.

Fortunately, now is the perfect time for reinvention, a chance to find work that has you out on the road, if not the sky or seas.

Take the opportunity to reinvent yourself with one of these jobs for people who love traveling.

Flight Attendant

If you want to take to the skies and see the world, find a way to get paid for it! As air travel prepares to recover, there could be a need for a new class of flight attendants who are ready to help pilots and travelers alike as we open up anew. Once you attain certification, you can really start racking up the miles and not only travel for your job but also travel affordably at leisure.

English Teacher

In America, unlike most countries, knowing one language—English, of course—is enough to get by. But if you’re proficient in a second language, that skill can open the door to teaching English in a foreign country, where good English is as valuable to them as it is to us.

Whereas other jobs allow you to travel from country to country, sampling a little bit of everything, teaching English outside America will allow you to do a deep dive on your selected country and really immerse yourself in that culture.

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Truck Driver

It’s no secret that America has a lot of freight to move. We need to bring shipments inland from the coasts, and food from across the country has to make it to our grocery stores. In addition, our love of online shopping means all those packages we buy have a lot of miles to travel. As long as there’s inventory that needs to reach its destination, there’s a bright future in truck driving.

Driving a truck, whether your routes are regional or trans-continental, will allow you to get out of the cubicle farms and see America, from the big cities to the small towns in the heartland. And it doesn’t have to be all interstates and truck stops—you can find time to discover hole-in-the-wall restaurants and stunning natural scenery, too.

Driving a truck requires obtaining your commercial driver’s license and learning what makes truck driving different from what you’re used to; but if you have an insatiable sense of wanderlust and a desire to do some real and meaningful work, driving a truck could really pay off.

Travel Blogger

If you love to write as much as you love to travel, monetizing your love of both could be in the cards. Being a travel blogger could be the perfect job for people who love traveling. To start, you’ll need photography skills, a love for language, and the ability to do some light domestic travel when you have the time.

If you can get noticed for your work, you may find revenue streams beginning to open up for your blog, and that could mean sponsored journeys in the future. Getting paid to see the world and share your discoveries—what could be better?

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