Located in the southwest corner of Poland, Jelenia Góra (yeh-LEH-nyah GOO-rah) is a glimpse into centuries-old history and timeless natural splendor. The small city, which in Polish translates to “Deer Mountain” (more on that later), stands in the middle of four mountain ranges: the Izera Mountains to the west, the Kaczawskie Mountains to the north, the Rudawy Janowickie Mountains to the east, and, most prominently, the Krkonoše (Karkonosze) Mountains to the south, along Poland‘s border with Czechia.

A Jelenia Góra Day Trip

Ok, now let’s explore Poland’s 44th largest city! If you arrive via train, particularly to the main station just west of the airport, you will have a perfect point to begin and end a day in Jelenia Góra; most of the main sites I will talk about are located on the same road as the station, 1 Maja (1st of May Street), to the west, though the road’s name changes towards the old town.

Church of the Holy Cross

Jelenia Góra Church of the Holy CrossThe Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross (Kościół par. pw. Podwyższenia Krzyża Św. w Jeleniej Górze) is the first site you’ll take in as you head west on 1 Maja, on your right-hand side. Silesian protestants were obliged to pay the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph I for permission to build it. Completed in 1718, the grand, gilded interior can hold up to 7000 congregants.

Kościół par. pw. Podwyższenia Krzyża Św., 1 Maja 45, 58-500 Jelenia Góra [see in Google Maps]

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