Last month took me and some friends through Northern Europe, mainly through Latvia, but also to Sweden and Denmark. We bookended our trip in Riga on the weekends, but during the week we took a Tallink ferry to Stockholm, and then we flew to Copenhagen.

Generator Hostel CopenhagenArriving in Copenhagen at 8:15am on a Thursday morning required us to leave for Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport at an even more ungodly 4:30am. Once in Copenhagen, we took our luggage on the train several stops towards the Generator Hostel, where we would be staying.

Stepping out of the Copenhagen Metro at the Kongens Nytorv station, it was but a 7-minute walk over cobblestone streets that took us past the Kongens Nytorv (“King’s New Square”), Copenhagen’s largest square, before reaching the massive, industrial-style building that is Generator Hostel on the Adelgade street. Generator immediately feels welcoming, with its signs all over speaking about itself in the first person (“When it comes to Great Dane’s, I am the greatest.“) and the energetic buzz of dozens of backpackers eating breakfast emanating from the dining area opposite the reception.

Generator Hostel Copenhagen Reception AreaWe were quite early, as check-in time wasn’t for several more hours; however, the hostel has a useful room for guests like us wishing to let some weight off their shoulders, and the staff kindly allowed us to throw our luggage in there so that we could go wander the city until check-in time. As we were about to head out, a guy with a clipboard came up to us and asked us if we’d like to join his 3-hour walking tour, and we happily accepted; though the free walking tour of Copenhagen is not affiliated with the hostel, Generator is large and prominent enough to attract such attention, adding to the convenience of the place.

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