N. & C. Amer. Destination Guides

North America, the third largest continent in terms of area, and fourth in population, is a land as diverse as it is big. Three giant countries, the USA, Canada, and Mexico, dominate the map, but North America is home to numerous other countries.

From freezing cold land bordering the Arctic Ocean in Canada, to the deserts of Mexico, to the green sea that sweeps across the shores of the West Indies, you are sure to find whatever it is you are looking for in North America.

We’ve grouped Central America here with North America (as we should), but we’ve put the Caribbean islands and nations on their own page for simplicity. Take a look at the country guides to get a taste of what each destination has to offer.

United States of America

Clipperton Island
Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Central America is actually part of the continent of North America, but here we will consider it a separate region, because it has its own identity and the countries within are hard to group as part of standard North America. (We did the same with the Middle East.)

Costa Rica
El Salvador