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Travel Guides & Country Profiles

Travel guides here on the Dauntless Jaunter Travel Site are ordered first in geographically large groups (usually continents), then narrowed down to countries, then cities. If you have a suggestion on the travel guides that you’d like to see next, please fill out our contact form and let us know.

Africa Travel Guides

Ready to explore Africa? From the Mediterranean Sea to the Southern Ocean, we’ve got travel guides to make your next trip a success.

Asia Travel Guides

Check out our Asian country guides when planning your next getaway to the world’s largest continent.

Caribbean Travel Guides

The warm waters of the Caribbean are home to hundreds of peoples, cultures, foods, and experiences. What are you waiting for?

Europe Travel Guides

Europe is full of history and traditions, and we have the travel guides to help you on your next European adventure.

Middle East Travel Guides

Spanning the east of Europe, west of Asia, and north of Africa, the Middle East is full of beauty and culture.

North America Travel Guides

North America has got it all, from beautiful beaches in the south to some of the hottest deserts in the west, to frigid landscapes in the north.

Oceania Travel Guides

Oceania is much more than New Zealand and Australia – countless islands sprawl out into the Pacific, and we have the travel guides to take you there.

South America Travel Guides

South America is home to vast jungles, numerous cultures, and stunning landscapes. Read our travel guides to learn more

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