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A Guide to Paso Robles — A California Must-Stop-and-Visit Town


California has much to offer its visitors, including in its lesser-known towns. Learn in this guide to Paso Robles what the area has to offer.

The state of California practically embodies the phrase “fun in the sun.” From the shores of San Francisco to the city lights of Los Angeles, this region of the United States has plenty to see and a variety of activities to enjoy.

Aside from the larger cities, California has smaller towns that are worth a stop on your trip.

So, whether you’re setting out on a California road trip or looking for a new place to explore, this guide to Paso Robles will educate you on the region’s highlights.

Paso Robles, California


Fortunately, whether you choose to stay in the town itself or out among the vineyards, you’ll only be a short trip away from the local activities. The resorts and hotels also vary in type to suit whatever luxury a guest could desire—ranging from small, farmhouse inns to extravagant and luxurious resorts.

Some of these potential loggings include Hotel Cheval, Allegretto Vineyard Resort, the SummerWood Inn, and the Trailer Pond. Additionally, several of the loggings also double as functioning vineyards, which gives guests the opportunity to learn more about the fermenting process and taste some delicious vintages.

If you’re in the area on a road trip, Paso Robles is also home to several RV resorts for you to investigate. Amenities such as fire pits, free Wi-Fi, and laundry services are available in multiple places for your convenience. These resorts have just what every luxury camper needs to enjoy their time on the road.


Since Paso Robles is known for its wine, it’s only natural the area has quality food to pair with it. With restaurants to fit a variety of tastes, visitors get the option to choose from a list of cuisines, atmospheres, and cultures.

Some dining options include Sushi, barbeque, steakhouses, Italian, and regional Mexican. These restaurants also offer the choice between casual atmospheres or luxurious date nights depending on where you decide to go.


Once you’re finished wining and dining, get some much-needed relaxation at some of the local spas and hot springs. At these facilities, you can swim in the spa pool, get a full therapeutic massage or facial, and even soak for an hour or two in the natural mineral springs.

If you’re interested, be sure to check out the River Oaks Hot Springs Spa and Franklin Hot Springs for some recuperation this vacation season. This area also has several other locations that specialize in detoxes and makeovers to get you feeling and looking good this summer.


Aside from the annual wine festivals that Paso Robles is known for, the area also has a variety of activities for you to participate in during your stay. From shopping and historical tours to museums and golfing, there’s plenty to keep you busy. Antique shops are a popular stop for many visitors, as they often have historical pieces from the region’s past.

The Paso Robles area also hosts several concerts at the Vina Robles Amphitheatre during the summer season—fresh food and drinks from the local vendors are served up while you enjoy a show.

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