The Xenophobia definition has come to mean a human fear or hatred for alien lifeforms or robots, and, more relevant, of different cultures and peoples.

Updated: 2018-11-20.

Xenophobia is the fear, hatred, or revulsion felt by a person towards another group, culture, or people. Xenophobia is the opposite of xenophilia.

In short, it is the hatred of strangers.

The word xenophobia has also come to mean, in science fiction novels and the like, a human fear or hatred for alien lifeforms or robots, but this is the less-relevant definition for us travelers.

Xenophobia as a word originates from two Greek words:

Xen-” comes from Greek xénos, which as an adjective means foreign or strange; as a noun, it means a foreigner or a stranger.

-phobia” comes from Greek phobos, which means fear. It is common to use it as a standalone word these days, as well.


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