Updated: 2018-11-20.

Xenophilia is an attraction to or deep love of foreign peoples, foreign cultures, and customs. The opposite of xenophilia is xenophobia.

Xenophilia has also come to mean, in science fiction novels and the like, a human love for alien lifeforms or robots, but this is the less-relevant definition for us travelers.

Xen-” comes from Greek xénos, which as an adjective means foreign or strange; as a noun, it means a foreigner or a stranger. It is also the origin of the word xenization.

-philia” and “-phile” come from Greek philos, which means loving; “-philia” denotes a love or affection for the thing that precedes it (as in allophilia), and “-phile” indicates a person with a love or affinity towards the thing which precedes it (as in audiophile, an enthusiast of high-quality sound).

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