Uitwaaien is a verb literally translating as “to walk in the wind,” means to take a brief break in order to clear one’s head.

Updated: 2019-11-11.
Uitwaaien, literally translating as “outblowing” or “to walk in the wind,” means to take a brief break in order to clear one’s head, often in a windy environment. Going on a jog, riding a bicycle, and walking through the streets on a windy day in order to get thoughts in order are all prime examples of uitwaaien.

Uitwaaien is a verb, and it is an “untranslatable” Dutch word with no perfect or direct English translation. It is pronounced something like OUT-vine. It’s a popular activity in Amsterdam and the Netherlands, and growing in popularity around the world as a healthy activity for one’s mind.

person getting some uitwaaien in on the beach on a windy day
Taken by M. Henry via unsplash.com. [Public Domain].

Perhaps you need to uitwaaien when traveling with friends, but it can equally come in handy when traveling solo. Check out our post for more difficult-to-translate words from around the world.

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