Travelator Definition (Moving Sidewalk)

Updated: 2018-11-21.
A travelator, also known as a moving sidewalk, autowalk, or moving walkway, is a conveyor-type device that helps transport people across longer horizontal distances in a faster and easier manner than walking would.

A travelator (also spelled sometimes travolator or travellator) is similar to escalators, but transport people horizontally instead of diagonally from floor to floor.

travelator moving sidewalk walkway
Taken by Wikimedia Commons user D. Delso. [CC BY-SA 2.0].
These moving walkways are often found in airports, where the walking distances can get quite long, especially moving from concourse to concourse.

Just as with an escalator, a person can step onto the moving sidewalk and just stand, allowing the travelator to transport the passenger from one end to the other.

Otherwise, the person using the moving sidewalk may also walk forward, essentially multiplying their moving speed, allowing them to reach the end faster.

Proper moving sidewalk etiquette follows the same general rules as an escalator – if someone wants to stand, they should remain on the right side, leaving the left side open for people to walk past.

There is also such a thing as an inclined travelator, or an inclined moving sidewalk, which has a slight variation in its starting and ending heights. An inclined moving walkway is still not the same as an escalator, however, as it has a flat surface compared to the stepped platform of an escalator.

Moving Sidewalk, Moving Walkway, Autowalk
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