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Frequent Flier Program


Frequent Flier Program definition: get a summary, overview, and a better understanding of this term in the Dauntless Jaunter Travel Glossary.

Updated: 2017-03-27.

In travel, a frequent flier program, abbreviated as FFP, is a kind of loyalty program, a marketing offering by various airlines to increase and retain customer shopping, loyalty, and happiness. Airlines which provide a frequent flier program offer points per eligible flight or ancillary purchase which a traveler can later redeem for free travel or other perks, upon accrual of the necessary points.

Airline frequent flier programs have now involved many other industries, and may reward members of the program for buying products from other companies through their site or by using an affiliated affinity card, where in both instances, the airline gets a small commission for encouraging the business. Most refer to the currency, or points, of the frequent flier program as “miles.” These reward miles can be redeemed for seats on a flight, as well as many other things, depending on the airline.

Popular frequent flier programs include AAdvantage by American Airlines and Miles & More by Lufthansa.

See also: Frequent Flier.

Technically, one who flies frequently. However, it has evolved into more of a specific definition, involving a traveler who usually flies in a particular frequent flier program so as to earn rewards on that particular program.

By the way…

Flier or Flyer?

Flier is the common spelling in the United States for someone or something that flies, while a flyer is something you get handed on the street that you immediately crumple up as soon as you pass the next trash bin. In the rest of the world, flyer is common for both instances; however, it is generally accepted everywhere, including in the US, that both spellings are interchangeable.

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