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Getting to JFK Airport From Anywhere Around NYC

Getting to JFK Airport From Anywhere Around NYC


Complete guide to getting to JFK, John F Kennedy International Airport in NYC, from anywhere in and around the New York City metropolitan area.

Updated: 2017-03-01.

Getting to JFK fromManhattan | Brooklyn & Queens | Staten Island, Bronx, Long Island | New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester, Etc.

jfk terminal inside
Taken by Wikimedia Commons user D. Jarvis. [CC BY-SA 2.0].
To start most adventures I go on, I need to get from my home in Brooklyn to John F Kennedy International Airport in Queens. There are numerous ways of getting to JFK airport; my favorite, which balances cost and time, is by taking the subway to Atlantic Terminal Station in Brooklyn, then taking the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) to Jamaica Station in Queens, then finally the Airtrain to my terminal.

A taxi from many areas in Brooklyn, including mine, would cost $40 USD plus an average tip of $5, but it is the fastest (usually), and with door-to-door service. The subway, with a one-way fare of $2.75 will take you close, but still requires you to connect to the Airtrain ($5) which runs around to all the terminals. This is the cheapest method, but from my house it takes me almost 2 hours, something that I don’t have the patience for; I would need to take the B/Q from Newkirk Ave to Prospect Park, transfer to the S (Shuttle), get off at Franklin Ave and take the C, then transfer somewhere along the path to catch the A. Getting off at the Howard Beach stop, I need to go upstairs and catch the $5 Airtrain to get to my terminal – A total of 5 trains, not worth it.

So again, my favorite option is to take the B/Q subway ($2.75) from Newkirk Ave to Atlantic Ave and transfer to the LIRR ($6.25 Off-peak/$8.50 Peak). Getting off in three stops at Jamaica Station, I transfer to the Airtrain ($5) to my terminal. Convenient and cheap! Cabs are fast, and I’ve had to resort to them in the past, but they are expensive. From most of Brooklyn, it is usually a $35 flat fare getting to JFK, and from northern Brooklyn and most of Queens it is a $25 flat rate. Those coming from Manhattan can expect to pay $55 to $75 for the trip, without tolls and tips.

Anyway, as you can see, there are many ways of getting to JFK from anywhere in and around New York City. In this post, I’ll go into exhaustive detail, and try to keep it updated.

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Manhattan | Brooklyn & Queens | Staten Island, Bronx, Long Island | New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester, Etc.

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  • Thank younso much for this info. We will be in
    NY. And staying in Brooklyn. So this will be very helpfull to get us to the things we want too see.

    • Ana, I’m glad if this information was helpful to you! If you need anything, send me a private message by email or through the website’s contact form, and I’ll do my best to help you. Have a great time in New York City!

  • That isn’t a picture of terminal 5 in JFK. It is the old TWA building. Terminal 5 currently houses JetBlue and Hawaiian Airlines. Soon they’ll be adding Aer Lingus.

    • Anj, yes, I used that photo because I thought this one was easily-recognizable as JFK. Though JetBlue took over T5, I think they will convert this landmarked building soon to a hotel or something, no? Anyway, after you said that, I realized it was not as relevant, so I’ve changed it 🙂

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