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Traveling to South Korea? Get a Free Cell Phone, While You’re At It


Lucky travelers to South Korea can enjoy a free smartphone rental, free unlimited data, and free unlimited voice calling, thanks to the Korea Tourism Org.

Enjoy Mobile Korea 2016 Campaign 2

Free Cell Phone South Korea

Korea Tourism Organization, in cooperation with Samsung and SK Telecom, are providing international visitors to South Korea with a free smartphone rental. This deal seems to be valid for all of 2016.

This campaign is titled “Enjoy Mobile Korea For Free,” and it appears to apply to 250 entrants per week for the 2016 calendar year. Those approved will not only get the latest smartphone, but also free, unlimited data and voice services.

Enjoy Mobile Korea 2016 Campaign 1

How to Get Your Free Smartphone Rental When Visiting Korea

It’s quite simple, really. Head over to the “Enjoy Mobile Korea For Free” portion of the Korea Tourism Organization’s official website:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the “Enjoy Mobile Korea For Free” Promotion

1.) How long is the promotion going on?

The official site says until “late December,” but another source says the very last day of 2016, December 31.

2.) How many days is the limit for a phone won?

According to the website, it appears to be 5 days.

3.) Where do I pick up my free cell phone if I am chosen?

Currently, it appears that the main Seoul gateway, Incheon International Airport (ICN), is the only pickup and drop-off location available.

4.) What if I lose the free cell phone? 

You will have to give a credit card in advance, which will only be authorized for 900,000 won (about $785 as of 14 April 2016). If you lose it, they will charge your card for that amount.

5.) Who is eligible to enter into the free cell phone (South Korea) offer?

Currently, only people who do not live or work in South Korea, or who are not citizens of South Korea, may enter into the promotion.

For any other questions, see the official page. Good luck and safe travels!

Enjoy Mobile Korea 2016 Campaign 3

*Images used taken from the official page, as well.

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