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How I Became a Flight Attendant


Flight Attendant Training: Noa’s brief insight into her path towards preparing for becoming a flight attendant for a major international airline.

Noa Hakim Flight AttendantOh, and of course, since the FAA would not let us be responsible for the lives of hundreds of people with just having the abilities to pour Diet Coke in less than 30 seconds (the bustard foaming its CO2 to death), we are trained to handle any kind of emergency on board. Since someone might decide to get heart failure in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean where the closest doctor is currently ice-fishing in Iceland, a few hours away, we need to be ready for every event.

Not only that, our first and foremost responsibility is, in the case of an emergency landing, to make sure everyone gets out of the plane safely. Yes, including the possibility of ditching, and that is why we train in the pool too. We learn how to master the life vest, the raft, and the emergency survival kit just in case we will not end up as the inspiration for another “Lost” season.

So, the last day of the course arrived, and in a special ceremony we got the promised wings. I am not talking about the ability to be one day in New York and the next in Hong Kong, but an actual pin of wings that is attached to our uniform. And then, after the boot camp that the training course seemed like, it was so great to fly as a “real” flight attendant. During the first weeks, you feel like a little girl that stole the uniform from someone and hope that none of the passengers or crew on the flight will notice that you are not a real stew, and just pretending to be one in order to make it to exotic places like South Africa and Brazil.

Then, after some time, the pressure eases, and you get to actually enjoy the job. Enjoy the crazy uncertainty of life with “Hello Noa, this is crew assignment. Would you like to go to Bangkok tonight?“, enjoy the abolishment of any sense of distance or time (Yeah, I will fly 15 hours just to spend two days in Los Angeles. Why not?), and enjoy the fascinating people that I would never meet otherwise. Enjoy the shopping, the restaurants, the worldwide nightlife, the new cultures, the capitals of the world, the nature, the ocean. Enjoy the job, enjoy the untypical lifestyle, enjoy life.

A quick tip for Paris:

The Parisian restaurant Le Relais de Venise is more known as L’Entrecôte. It has a few branches in Paris but this is my favorite one. It’s perfect for people who can never decide what to order, since there is only one option in the menu- Entrecote (prime rib) steak, sliced and topped with a heavenly secret sauce. I recommend you to order the steak medium rare, and it comes with wonderful fries as well. The food will not be completed without great French wine and rude French service (though they do surprisingly speak English). Get ready to wait in line along with tourists and locals, the restaurant does not take reservations. Bon appétit!

Le Relais de Venise
271 Boulevard Pereire (closest Metro: Porte Maillot)
75017 Paris, France
+33 1 45 74 27 97

This was a guest post written by Noa H. for Dauntless Jaunter Travel Site. For another post by Noa, read this: My Life as a Flight Attendant »

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