Updated: 2019-06-23.

Here is a brief timeline of important events that have shaped the country of Egypt; the focus here will be geared towards recent events (from 100 years ago or so), located towards the bottom, but we’ll begin with more ancient events first.

7000 BCE – First settlement of Nile region.

3000 BCE – Upper and Lower Egyptian Kingdoms combine.

332 BCE – Alexander the Great conquers Egypt, founds Alexandria.

969 CE – Cairo becomes capital.

1869 – Suez Canal completed.

1882 – Egypt taken over by the British.

1954 – British completely leave Egypt.

1967 – Tensions with Israel cause Israel to strike and seize Sinai Peninsula.

1981 –  Hosni Mubarak assumes leadership.

2011 – Mubarak steps down during “Arab Spring.”

2014 – New constitution, which bans political parties based on religion.


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