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U-FLY (Airline Alliance)

Updated: 2017-03-17.


The U-FLY Alliance is an airline alliance, one of the “Little Three” (with Vanilla Alliance & Value Alliance), that was announced on January 18, 2016 consisting of five low-cost carriers. The four original airlines are affiliated with the HNA Group, with a focus on Hong Kong, mainland China, and Southeast Asia, but they are currently seeking new members which are not affiliated with HNA Group; Eastar Jet of South Korea is its latest member.

U-FLY claims to be the “world’s first alliance of Low-Cost Carriers” (LCCs). HK Express is the backbone of the alliance, though each member has an equal say on the board.

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Member Airlines

HK Express • Lucky Air • Urumqi Air • Eastar Jet • West Air

Company Info

Website: [main]
Headquarters: Hong Kong

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