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Demonym Explanation & List of Demonyms for Different Cities & Countries


A demonym is the adjectival word that describes the people of a particular place. Here, we go over demonyms and give you a list of demonyms by country.

Updated: 2019-04-08.

You’re going to La Paz, Bolivia.

As you tell your friends and family about this upcoming trip, you get caught when you start to describe the people of La Paz.

Sure, you could call them the “people of La Paz” each time, but that seems like a lot of work, and it shows that you haven’t done any research and are barely familiar with the destination.

There are many times when you might already be familiar with the adjectival term for the people of a city or country or region, or you may be able to deduce it fairly easily, adding an “-er” or “-ian” suffix to the name.

However, it may not work in all cases (like Dutch for people of the Netherlands), so get to know the demonyms!

A demonym is the adjectival word that describes the people of the place in question. A person from New York, such as myself, is a New Yorker; a person from Bolivia can be called a Bolivian. But, like I just said, it doesn’t work in all cases.

The term for the people of La Paz, Bolivia, is a Paceño.


A bit tough to guess that one, were you not familiar with naming conventions of the Spanish language. Many demonyms come easy, but many are way tougher to fathom than that.

The internet makes it a breeze to figure out demonyms. Wikipedia is a good source; simply go to the city or country of which demonym you are wondering about, and they should have it on the right-hand side, within the shaded info box (if one exists).

To get you started, here’s a list of demonyms for every country, along with some colloquial terms for them.

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Christian Eilers
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  • The word “paceño” for those from La Paz makes sense, because “La Paz” means (the) peace, and -eño is a common Spanish demonym ending, therefore: paceño is derived from “Paz”

    • Hey Marsha!

      I believe you are referring to “Sikh?”

      If that’s the case, a Sikh is not from a particular country, per se, as they are someone who follows the religion of Sikhism. Thus, it is not a demonym, but rather an adjective for a person following a religion, like a Christian.

      That being said, it did originate in the Punjab area of the northern Indian subcontinent, where it is still the predominant religion there.

      Hope that helps!

  • You mentioned Spanish in Spanish the correct/ proper name for citizens from the US is “estadounidense”. I live in France in french the correct is “étasunien”.
    I am not saying that is what is used on daily basis but the tendency to say ” I’m from America the greatest country in the world” “Let’s make America great again” and so on… In my opinion it is encouraging ignorance.

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