INR Indian Rupee Currency Data

Currency Updated: Daily; Text Description Updated: 2017-03-19.

Overview on the Indian Rupee (INR) currency, including current exchange rates, history, denominations, country usage, and more.

Name: Indian Rupee

Currency Code[1]: INR

Symbol[2]: ₹

Countries UsedIndia, Bhutan, Nepal, Zimbabwe

Sub-Unit: Paisa

Sub-Unit Value: 1/100

Sub-Unit Symbol: p

Currencies Data Cover 2017-03

Current INR Exchange Rates

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[1] Currency Code: the internationally-recognized, 3-digit ISO 4217 code, a standard published by International Organization for Standardization.
[2] Currency Symbol: Graphic symbol used as an internationally-recognized shorthand for a currency’s name, used most often next to monetary amounts.

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