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We would love to hear your feedback; If you have any questions or comments, whether it be discouraging or constructive, let us know.

Please note: we had to take down the actual contact form that used to be present on this page, as there have been issues with mail not being routed to the proper recipients. If this has happened to you, forgive us, and just please contact us through the methods described below. Thanks!

Contact Method #1: Email (Quickest Receipt & Response)

If you leave your name and your email address, someone on the staff will get back to you as soon as possible. If you want to reach someone sooner, you can contact:

Christian Eilers – christian@dauntlessjaunter.com

To send a message to Mariia, Hristina, Marina, Illya, or our other writers, please send an email to Christian with a note to forward it on.

Contact Method #2: Facebook Messenger (Pretty Fast)

You can also contact us via Facebook Messenger, as it is pretty ubiquitous. It may actually be more convenient than emails, as there are several of us who can access it and respond. If you’re on a mobile device or tablet, you can simply scan the below code with the Messenger app, which will take you right to us.

Our Facebook Page: facebook.com/dauntlessjaunter

Our Direct Messenger Link: m.me/dauntlessjaunter

Additional Contact Methods

I don’t want to list any other contact methods here, as they all experience radio silence for periods of time; traveling makes phone calls hard, Skype is not always logged in, etc.

However, if you’d like another way to contact us, whether it be a phone number, Google Hangouts / Skype name, physical address, or other, just message us via email or Facebook Messenger first, and then we’ll work it out 🙂

Other Questions & Concerns

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Hope to hear from you soon. Bon voyage!

– Christian Eilers

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