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Cape Town from a Local’s Perspective


A lengthy introduction to South Africa’s famous Cape Town from a local’s point of view, featuring activities and attractions and advice.

Cape Town is a city that is on nearly every bucket list of people all over the world. When people say they are going to Cape Town, they say it with excitement, making those who have not been but want to go jealous, while those who have been give them a list of things they must do that is so long that there is no way everything can be taken in and fully experienced.  This an attempt to get the first time visitor to Cape Town started.

Cape Town South Africa
Cape Town City Bowl, as seen from Lion’s Head. Taken by Wikimedia Commons user Martin Power.

The city of Cape Town is accessed by a number of airlines directly, especially from Johannesburg that has a greater number and frequency of flights entering the country. Cape Town is a city of experiences; it is a very relaxed, laid back city with life lived at a much slower pace compared to the rest of the country. The city has earned the nickname “Slaapstad”, a play of the Afrikaans name for the city “Kaapstad” which literally means “sleepy city.” The slower pace of Cape Town is a national joke in South Africa, but anyone living in Cape Town knows it is only said out of pure envy by those not living in one of the most vibrant, colorful, and naturally beautiful places on earth.

But what should a first-time visitor to Cape Town do and expect? Continue on to the next page to find out!

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