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The Bulgarian Seaside for Every Kind of Traveler


Bulgaria has hundreds of km of beachy seaside suitable to any kind of traveler, whether you’re single and ready to mingle or coming with children.

Bulgaria is famous for two things – its history and its nature. It is astonishing how many different landscapes you can see in its relatively small area. There are green lowlands, river valleys, many breathtaking mountains, numerous national parks, rock phenomena, caves, waterfalls, lakes, and mineral springs.

On top of all this, Bulgaria has a stunningly beautiful coastline of almost 400 km, covering its entire eastern border. About 30% of it consists of heavenly golden sandy beaches that can compete with the best beaches in the world. Bulgarian seaside resorts have something for everybody. See what type of traveler you are and choose your Bulgarian seaside resort!

The Party Animal – Sunny Beach

You are under 25 and you are most probably single, because why would you prefer to be with only one girl when there are so many single, pretty girls out there? Fun for you is the ultimate life goal. Well, my friend, we have the perfect resort for you! Sunny Beach has been very popular among young people for over a decade. With over 200 hotels, Sunny Beach is the biggest seaside resort in Bulgaria. More than 150 restaurants, about 50 discos, and a few casinos are waiting for you to have fun from dusk till dawn! Just know that with all the nightlife going on there, you might get back home with no tan at all…

For more information visit: http://sunny-beach.info/ (in Bulgarian only)

Family with Kids – Albena

Albena beach Bulgarian seaside
Beach in Albena, Bulgaria. Taken by Wikimedia Commons user Svilen Enev.

Albena is a great place for a family holiday. It is very popular among foreigners (only about 10% of the tourists staying in Albena are Bulgarians). This resort boasts about its beautiful beach (considered the best in Europe). 3.5 km of sandy beaches await you and your family for a lot of fun and sun-kissed memories. If you are a family that’s more into water action rather than sunbathing on the beach, the aqua park Aqua Mania is the place for you! With an area of about 30,000 square meters, it will astonish you with its attractions for the little and not-so-little ones.

For more information visit: http://albena.bg/en

Couples without Kids – Nesebar & Sozòpol

Nesebar beach Bulgarian seaside
Beach in Nesebar, Bulgaria. Taken by Wikimedia Commons user Mark Ahsmann.

Nesebar and Sozòpol are two of the most beautiful Bulgarian resorts. They both have an “old town” that reveals the beauty of ancient Bulgarian buildings, some of which are restored and offer the great opportunity to stay in them or have an unforgettable lunch or dinner in their restaurants overlooking the sea. Aimlessly walking along the narrow streets after dinner will get out the romantic within you, and it will smoothly prepare you for the rich nightlife of these two resorts. Needless to say, you can enjoy the golden sandy beaches with their numerous attractions and water sports that will make you forget your busy life and fill you with positive energy and sweet memories.

For more information visit: bulgariatravel.org

The Golfer – Balchik

If you are a golfer, you should find it interesting that Bulgaria was awarded the 2012 Undiscovered Golf Destination of the Year. Three of the Bulgarian golf courses (Thracian Cliffs, BlackSeaRama, and Lighthouse) are located at the seaside, providing exceptional conditions for golf tourism. Here’s what the designer of Thracian Cliffs says about it: “I have to say, without a question of doubt, that I have never before played on a golf course where you can see the ocean on every single hole. When people come here, they are going to say Thracian Cliffs is the best golf course they have ever played in their life. I have been playing for 56 years and I never knew there was ground like this on the planet for a golf course.”

For more information visit: Thracian Cliffs

What type of traveler are you? Millions of foreign and local tourists spend their summer on the Bulgarian seaside – think no more and become one of them!

Written by
Hristina Dimitrova
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