Updated: 2019-06-23.

Calendar of Key Dates, National Holidays, and Important Days

Whether you’re about to visit or just keen on learning about the culture, check out our handy little calendar to learn about the different holidays and celebrations in Bulgaria. And as an added little bonus, we’ve listed the names of the months in the Bulgarian language below the months’ names in English 🙂


януари (“yanuari”)

  • 1 January: New Year’s Day (Нова Година.)
  • 8 January: Babinden (Бабинден. “Midwife’s Day.”)


февруари (“fevruari”)

nothing to show for this month •


март (“mart”)

  • 1 March: Baba Marta Day (Баба Марта), read more »
  • 3 March: Liberation Day (Ден на Освобождението на България от Османската Империя.)
  • 8 March: Women’s Day (Ден на жената.)


април (“april”)

  • Varying Friday: Good Friday (Разпети петък. Anytime from end of March through April)
  • Varying Sunday: Easter Sunday (Великден. Easter in “Eastern Christianity” is always on one Sunday between 4 April and 8 May on the Gregorian calendar, as it is based on the Julian calendar. Though it should take place sometime during the first week after the astronomical full moon, the Julian full moon occurs several days after the astronomical event.)
  • Varying Monday: Easter Monday (Велики понеделник. The Monday immediately following Easter Sunday.)


май (“maĭ”)

  • 1 May: International Workers’ Day (Ден на труда. Known alternately as “May Day” or “Labor Day.”)
  • 6 May: St. George’s Day (Гергьовден.)
  • 7 May: Radio and Television Day (Ден на Радиото и Телевизията.)
  • 24 May: Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature Day (Ден на азбуката, културата и просветата.)


юни (“yuni”)

nothing to show for this month •


юли (“yuli”)

nothing to show for this month •


август (“avgust”)

nothing to show for this month •


септември (“septemvri”)

  • 6 September: Unification Day (Ден на съединението.)
  • 22 September: Independence Day (Ден на независимостта.)


октомври (“oktomvri”)

nothing to show for this month •


ноември (“noemvri”)

  • 1 November: Revival Leaders’ Day (Ден на народните будители.)


декември (“dekemvri”)

  • 24 December: Christmas Eve (Бъдни вечер.)
  • 25 December: Christmas (Коледа.)
  • 31 December: New Year’s Eve (Навечерието На Нова Година.)


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