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Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Vacation Time (Video)


Expedia brings us twelve reasons why your brain craves vacation time in this latest video, along with the science behind each. Enjoy, and then book your next trip!

Brain Craves Vacation Time Video

Video Below ↓

“If given the choice, how many of us would have to think it over when choosing between spending two weeks on vacation and putting in the 9-5 at work? It’s a fair assumption to say that most of us would choose to spend the time relaxing on a sun-kissed beach somewhere in the Caribbean, but the reality is that too many people choose the opposite – foregoing time off in order to keep working.”

This video shows us some science behind why this tends to be the case. But vacation is good for the brain, among myriad other health benefits, so show this to your boss and then book your next adventure!

Brain Craves Vacation Time Video

This is a supplement to the infographic “12 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Vacation Time” both of which are brought to us by Expedia.ca.

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