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3 Best Places To Live If You Love History


Want to move somewhere with a storied past? Here are some of the best places to live if you love history and are ready to relocate!

When thinking of relocating, taking a hiatus and working remotely, or just doing a bit of long-term traveling, you have a lot of interesting spots to choose from. There are many exciting places all over the world where you can rent a property for your next extended stay.

Consider some of the best places to live if you love history and are ready for your next adventure.

Massachusetts, USA

Acorn Street Beacon Hill Boston is the most photographed street
Acorn Street, in Beacon Hill, is the most photographed street in Boston. Taken by M. Browning via unsplash.com. [Public Domain].

There is a lot to be said about this state on the East Coast of the United States. Not only was it the birthplace of a lot of our history, but a lot of it remains untouched to this day, making it a fascinating place to spend some time living and exploring.

  • English Puritans founded Boston in the early 1600s, and many consider it the birthplace of the American Revolution. Practically every corner has its own story to tell.
  • In the late 1600s, Salem, Massachusetts, became famous for its witch trials, which targeted those who veered from Puritanical norms.
  • In colonial America, wealthy aristocrats built large Colonial Queen Anne homes in Cambridge, MA. Today, most of these architectural structures still stand, making this entire town of historical value today.


Much of Europe contains a lot of historically preserved places and landmarks. If you are trying to decide the best place to find interesting information on lifetimes long passed, consider exploring living options in Italy.

  • Though the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a well-known attraction in Italy, the Colosseum in Rome is also worth noting. Its four stories could hold as many as fifty thousand spectators there to watch gladiatorial combat.
  • Pompeii, near Naples, was an ancient city destroyed by the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The city itself contains plaster casts of more than one hundred preserved bodies of those who perished.


This Caribbean island sits just outside the hurricane belt. It’s currently offering visitors a twelve-month Welcome Stamp to apply to stay and live within the country. This up-and-coming is full of history and has many lovely places to rent island property while exploring historical landmarks.

  • Barbados contains George Washington House. George Washington, America’s first president, spent two months living in this two-story structure in 1751. It was the only time he spent outside of colonial America and still presents a good representation of life in the colonial era.
  • Originally named Jamestown after King James I, this town was later christened Holetown in honor of its channel, The Hole.
  • Barbados is rich with pirate history. It features a museum with old maps and rare collectibles and offers guided tours for a more in-depth look at local sites. It was a stopover for many pirates, one of which was the legendary Blackbeard.

There are so many interesting and history-rich places in the world, so there’s no need to limit yourself to one country or continent. Consider exploring renting options for some of the best places to live if you love history, and take your time learning and discovering the hidden gems of the world.

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  • Italy is a place where every city is beautiful as wall as historical. I like the way you describe the places and their history. Thanks for sharing such an informative article with us.

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