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6 of the Best Places to Go Fly Fishing in the United States


To take your angling experience to the next level; consider planning a trip to one of these best places to go fly fishing in the United States.

The sport of fly-fishing can be done in a wide variety of locations and settings—from small streams to the open ocean. In addition to practicing your technique and purchasing quality fly fishing equipment, you can increase your chances of making an amazing catch by visiting one of the best places to go fly fishing in the United States.

Such locations are renowned for their stunning scenery, ideal atmospheres, and, of course, plentiful catch.

best fly fishing places in the united states
Taken by V. Nordli-Mathisen via unsplash.com. [Public Domain].

To take your angling experience to the next level, consider planning a trip to one of these incredible fly-fishing destinations:

Florida Keys, Florida

The Florida Keys are widely regarded as one of the best saltwater fly-fishing destinations that the U.S. has to offer. In addition to large bass, which are plentiful all throughout the Keys, anglers have the opportunity to catch other abundant species such as tarpon, bonefish, and redfish.

The Beaverkill and Willowemoc Rivers, New York State

When thinking of New York, people typically envision bright lights and big buildings of the Big Apple rather than incredible fishing sites. However, New York State is actually the birthplace of fly fishing in the United States. If you want to go trout fishing, two of the best places to fish in New York are The Beaverkill and Willowemoc Rivers. Located around a 2.5-hour drive from the big apple, anglers can find brown trout, rainbow trout, and brook trout right where the sport began in America.

Bristol Bay, Alaska

For incredible Pacific fly fishing, the Alagnak River in Bristol Bay, Alaska offers a great destination. In these waters, you’ll find a wide range of fish—including an abundance of large arctic grayling, rainbow trout, and all five species of Pacific salmon. In addition, some anglers even reported catching king salmon that weighed up to 70 pounds. As a bonus to the incredible fish that you can catch, the area also features diverse wildlife such as caribou, American bald eagles, moose, and Alaskan brown bears.

Devils Lake, North Dakota

Due to the vast depths in Devil’s Lake, it’s a habitable environment for a wide variety of fish. Anglers who visit this scenic area will have the opportunity to catch popular species such bass, perch, northern pikes, and crappies—just to name a few.

Potter County, Pennsylvania

If trophy-sized fish are what you’re after, head to Potter County, Pennsylvania. Here, you’ll find sizable brown trout, kamloop, brook, and rainbow trout. In addition to the momentous fish that you can catch here, many anglers also appreciate the seclusion the miles of private streams provide.

White River, Arkansas

The White River, an incredible 722-mile long river, runs all the way from Arkansas to Missouri. This breathtaking river is renowned for its beauty and for being a prime destination to make a great fly fishing catch. Along the river, you’ll find several dams and lakes—one of which is Bull Shoals Lake, which is one of the best places to go trout fishing along the river. To give yourself the best chances of making a catch, visit White River between April and June when fish are most plentiful.

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