Mother’s Day is just around the corner.

Whether you are the son of a mother of four (like I am) or simply know a woman who loves to travel, these ideas are for you.

Here are the best travel-related gifts for Mother’s Day honorees:

KLIK Beauty Organizer

KLIK: The world's smartest beauty system

The KLIK Beauty Organizer comes with the following so you can pamper yourself on the go without taking anything important away from your life:

Magnetic Customizable Palette – KLIK’s magnetic customizable palette comes with a complimentary pack of magnetic stickers so you can bring only what you need — nothing more, nothing less.

Modular Makeup Brushes – KLIK’s brushes are made with premium materials and counterweighted handles for effortless sweeping and precision drawing. With KLIK, you won’t have to worry anymore about painful wrists or shaky hands.

Top Quality Bristles – KLIK’s synthetic bristles use the latest technologies to mimic the properties of grey squirrel and goat hair so you can enjoy the benefits of luxurious hair minus the guilt.

Hygienic Drying Rack – KLIK removes the hassle out of washing brushes with our drying rack so you can remove the germs out of your beauty routine while helping your brushes last longer.

You can find this portable organizer on Kickstarter.

Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine

Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine

Does your mom love coffee? I’m talking the must have a morning espresso to function type of mom. Well now she can enjoy a quality cup from literally anywhere in the world.

Nanopresso is a hand-powered, portable espresso machine that provides 18 bars of pressure so you get café quality espresso every time. At just over 6” and weighing less 1lb, it is one of the smallest, quality, hand powered espresso machines on the market. The patented pumping system makes it capable of reaching 18 bars of stable pressure during extraction, comparable to what you might expect from the commercial espresso machine at your local cafe.

Purchase it on Wacaco or via Amazon.

Busy Beauty Travel Kit “Shower in a Box”

Busy Beauty Travel Kit "Shower in a Box"

Meet your new best friend for travel. With a jam-packed itinerary, who wants to spend their whole vacation getting ready in a hotel bathroom? Not us!

With Busy Beauty’s Travel Kit, you’ll be up and out the door in five minutes. The Busy Beauty Travel Kit provides four TSA-approved products that fit perfectly a luxurious yet durable case:

Showerless Body Wipes: 10 extra-large body wipes to wipe away dirt, sweat, and odor.

Showerless Shampoo: Dry shampoo to soak up sweat and oils, leaving hair looking freshly showered.

Showerless Conditioner: Dry conditioner to smoothe, detangle, and de-frizz hair, pulling your whole look together.

Clipa2 Instant Bag Hanger / Bracelet

Clipa2 Instant Bag Hanger

Imagine mom is in another country where the restrooms are less than optimal. There’s no hook for her bag or backpack, just a simple door. Or perhaps she wants to access her purse while using the airplane’s seat back tray table to get some work done. The truth is, travelers face situations in a typical trip where the ability to hang your business bag, purse or backpack is essential.

The Clipa weighs just 1.6 ounces but holds bags up to 33 lbs. It’s so versatile, it can be worn as a bracelet but its function is as simple as its humble design: it protects handbags against germs, water and dirt in dozens of travel situations: bathroom stall doors missing the coat hook, restaurant tables, the lavatory rails on planes, conference meeting rooms with clients, sightseeing buses, spas, salons, and many more.

It even works in rental cars: she simply opens either end and clips it to the car’s passenger seat headrest post. When she hits the brakes or goes down a hill, her purse, grocery bags or restaurant carry out will stay in place! Mom can even use it on movie theater and stadium seats and cup holders. See it at Amazon or the Clipa website.

Ginkgo & Grace Subscription Box

Ginkgo and Grace Founders Box

Candace from Ginkgo & Grace suggests her company’s set: “How about a subscription box that contains travel sized luxury beauty products? Ginkgo & Grace is unique in that it is curated especially for older women!

Until now, there has been a shocking void for that demographic. The products are selected with the Over 50 woman in mind, although they appeal to all ages. Additionally, the brands featured utilize natural ingredients and are environmentally conscious.


New York CityPASS Booklets

Because mothers deserve the best all year round, we recommend CityPASS to turn this celebration day into the gift they really need… a fun weekend getaway.

CityPASS is the ultimate gift for anyone who would love a weekend getaway. The cute iPhone-sized booklets are small enough to fit into any stocking for a great surprise this special day. With savings of up to 50 percent in most cities, CityPASS offers bundled admission and VIP access to the must-see attractions in each city.

With its deep-discount ticket booklets, CityPASS delivers savings on admissions and line skipping perks to top attractions in 14 North American destinations including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Southern California, Tampa Bay, and Toronto.

Get your mother a CityPass on their website.

The DJANGO Pet Tote

The DJANGO Pet Tote

Thinking of Mom should include a thought for Mom’s best friend. The DJANGO Pet Tote is perfect for mothers who commute and travel with their dogs.

Steph, the founder, says, “Our dog carry bag is a beautifully-constructed, waxed canvas and leather travel carrier. I realize I’m biased, but in my opinion our pet tote is the most beautifully constructed and unique dog carry bag on the market. We’ve already received incredible feedback from customers and the media.”

The DJANGO Pet Tote is available on Amazon and their website.

Wynd Plus Portable Air Purifier & Air Quality Sensor

Wynd Plus Portable Air Purifier

Wynd creates a bubble of clean air around you by removing dust, allergens, smoke, germs, and particulate pollution from your personal space. Since it filters harmful particles out of the air around you, Wynd helps you breathe clean air and stay healthy. Wynd isn’t just an air purifier—it’s an intelligent personal air quality system. It monitors your environment and cleans as needed.

Wynd is the size of a water bottle, so it’s easy to use anywhere—in offices, hotels, cars, public transportation, and more. Wynd is more than one device: It’s an air quality tracker and purifier in one— and the tracker can actually detach for ultimate mobility. Buy it at Apple or their website.

Aurum Skincare

Aurum Skincare

Joanne, co-founder of Aurum Skincare, recommends her Calming Birch Bio-Cellulose Mask:

“Consciously designed to address even the most sensitive of skin, Aurum Skincare is free from fragrance and common allergens and delivers sustained hydration to protect delicate facial skin from the elements. Our Calming Birch Bio-cellulose Mask is the perfect solution for any traveler looking to compensate for low humidity environments (like airplane cabins). Packaged for individual use, it complies with airport security requirements, allowing travellers to carry it with them and indulge in a relaxing experience to nourish parched skin conveniently before, during or post flight.”

“Aurum Skincare is vegan, cruelty free and based on award winning research in birch water bio-ferment. Our proprietary natural enzyme treatment process infuses locally harvested birch water with bioactive oligosaccharides to promote skin barrier repair. In all Aurum products, birch water bio-ferment replaces the water content that makes up 80 to 90 per cent of traditional skincare.”

The Infinity Pillow

Infinity Travel Pillow

Travel fatigue? Never-ending flight? Here’s Infinity Pillow – the most comfortable travel pillow ever made. Designed after the Möbius shape, Infinity Pillow twists and turns and cuddles right back with you. It’s adjustable, cool and incredibly breathable, thanks to our signature bamboo fabric. Now you can travel anywhere and arrive refreshed.

Buy one for her (and maybe another for yourself) on their website or via Amazon.

Insulated DYLN Bottle

Insulated DYLN Bottle

Keeping your body sufficiently hydrated is the very first step in maintaining optimal health, both physical and mental. But that’s not all. Alkaline water is a great alternative to regular drinking water. Alkaline water has ultra-hydrating properties, fights fatigue and is a natural remedy for headaches, amongst other health benefits.

The insulated DYLN water bottle has a diffuser which automatically increases pH levels to 9+. On top of that, it can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours. Check out their website for more details.

Adventurist Classic Backpack

Adventurist Classic Backpack

The Adventurist Classic is super-durable and water-resistant, made with 1000D polyester, and has front/back padding (as well as a padded laptop sleeve) for camera gear, laptop, and other electronics. It is perfectly sized to fit as a personal item under the seat of a plane, or as a carry on.

And, for every backpack purchased, 25 meals are provided to families in need across the U.S. (through a partnership with Feeding America), and they’ve provided over 70,000 meals since their launch 18 months ago. And under $100!

SKYPRO Frequent Flier Footwear

Marie Therese Skypro shoes heels

SKYPRO is the leader in footwear for frequent fliers, professionals, and the aviation service industry have expanded as a lifestyle brand into the U.S. via Amazon and Zappos. Each style for women is handcrafted in Portugal to the highest standards earning them an IATA Certification – the world’s first and only certified footwear for aviation professionals. Because of this certification, moms can trust that these shoes are the most comfortable, taking her through mom stuff in style.

P.S. – the ingenious part – they are airport-friendly – no security alarms triggered – EVER!

Wei of Chocolate On-the-Go Sized Tin

Wei Relaxed Chocolate

Lisa, founder of Wei of Chocolate, offers up one of her own as “a perfect gift for traveling Moms who need a moment of chocolate zen.”

“For travel, I’d recommend Wei Relaxed 68% cacao creamy dark in the on-the-go size: 8 pieces in a tube that is great for doing a relaxing chocolate meditation on the plane or in your room.”

Make sure you try out her “Chocolate Mediations!”

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

The Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle is the perfect Mother’s Day gift item for travel lovers! The uniquely portable Nomader bottle makes it easy to stay hydrated while traveling, taking up minimal bag space, and eliminating the need for disposable plastic bottles. Designed with a flexible BPA-free silicone body, the Nomader can be rolled-up or collapsed flat to save on space, yet it’s as comfortable to drink from as a hard-sided bottle.

This innovative, eco-friendly travel water bottle features a patented leak-proof cap, an ergonomic carry strap, and a wide mouth for easy cleaning. As an added bonus, Nomader bottles are backed by a lifetime warranty. Priced at $24.95 and available in a variety of stylish colors, Nomader bottles make for a thoughtful, long-lasting Mother’s Day gift. Check them out at Amazon.

Stock the House Vacation Concierge

Stock the House Vacation Concierge

Summer vacation is coming up, she’s rented the perfect house and looking forward to a getaway with the family. But then she, the family Vacation Planner extraordinaire, remembers that renting a house for vacation brings with it the same to-dos and responsibilities as being at home (read: the grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, planning, etc.)…. and who wants to keep up with those tasks when you’re on vacation?!

Instead of dealing with all of that, help mom take her getaways back with Stock the House, the vacation planning service you need. Their expert team of concierges takes the planning out of going away so you can focus on creating memories with your family. Whether you’re looking for grocery delivery, daily cleaning, a private chef for dinner one night or other special touches to make this vacation the best yet, Stock the House is what any mom who plays the role of ‘Vacation Planner’ would love to receive for Mother’s Day.

Apple Airpods

Mary Ware, a family travel and lifestyle blogger at The Mom Friend, suggests wireless headphones as a gift for the traveling mom.

Apple Airpods or wireless earbuds would be a great gift for a mom who travels—especially if she has the kids in tow. It is almost impossible to keep regular earbuds in with a baby in your lap while on a flight, and the cord gets in the way while trying to pick up toys or help older children out as well. As a result, I hardly ever get to enjoy music or listen to a book or podcast while traveling, even after they fall asleep. Wireless earbuds are definitely on my wishlist!”

Sips by Personalized Tea Subscription

Sips by Personalized Tea Subscription

Forget chocolate! Forget flowers! Gift your Mom a personalized tea journey where she’ll discover 100+ tea brands from around the world – suited to her unique preferences! Sips by offers a personalized tea discovery service that curates premium tea selections for your Mom. Each month, 4 premium teas are selected based on your Mom’s Sips by™ tea profile.

From caffeine boosts to caffeine free, loose or bagged, fruit blended or pure – it’s up to her! Her teas will make 15+ cups or 45+ re-steeped cups. Her tea subscription box will arrive with tasting notes, steeping instructions, exclusive offers, and disposable tea bags for loose leaf teas. 3, 6, and 12 month packages are available, starting at $45.

Visit the Sips by website here.

AYO Light Therapy Glasses

Alexis and Bertaut, founders of World Travel Adventurers, give this suggestion:

“We recommend AYO light therapy glasses for the mom who travels across time zones and wants to beat jet lag. The glasses emit LED blue light that helps you recover from jet lag 2-3 times faster, feel more energized, and sleep better even when you aren’t traveling.”

November Rain Poncho

November Rain Ponchos

The perfect travel accessory, November Rain ponchos are ideal for monsoons or cold blustery showers. Totally waterproof with heat-sealed seams, the clever one-size-fits-all construction means that women of all shapes and sizes can wear comfortably, whether they are blessed with curves or fabulously tall and willowy.

In a range of stunning prints and lovely solids, the ponchos are sure to turn heads. Plus they are printed using eco-friendly dyes and printing methods. An added bonus is that 10% of all sales are given to water projects in developing countries.

Trtl Pillow

Amina Dearmon, travel advisor and founder of Perspectives Travel, suggests the popular Trtl travel pillow / neck wrap.

“The Trtl Pillow is a scientifically proven super soft neck support travel pillow that eliminates the awkward head flop that happens when flying. It’s machine washable, packs up small enough that it can fit in a backpack, and it has velcro so it can be wrapped around the strap of a carry-on.”

GeoJango Customized World Travel Maps

GeoJango World Travel Map

Michael of GeoJango believes their customizable world maps are perfect for traveling moms on Mother’s Day or any holiday.

  • Each map includes 100 multi-colored push pins so that couples / families / individuals can mark where they have traveled;
  • They can be personalized with a fun title such as a family name or favorite quote;
  • The maps are designed by a professional geographer / cartographer and each one includes rich educational information such as historical commentary, ancient civilizations, famous voyages, UNESCO sites, and more.

Oomo Bluetooth Earbuds with 3D 5.1 Surround Sound

Oomo Bluetooth Earbuds

Aaryan suggests his company’s Oomo Earbuds. Built with 3D 5.1 Surround Sound, an 8-hour battery with 300 hours of standby time, and aptX+AP for super bass and greater frequency, the Oomo headphones are luxury earbuds, just not at a luxury price. Oh, and they’re comfortable enough to sleep in! Also find them on Amazon.

Cluventure Personalized Mystery Travel Plan

Cluventure is a mystery travel company, specializing in creating 100% personalized experiences for each of our clients. Based on each client’s specifications, a mystery trip is planned for them to a new and exciting destination. This destination and the corresponding activities are kept as a surprise from the traveler, which is revealed to them through a series of handcrafted clues that lead them to and through their customized vacation.

MADI Apparel Loungewear

MADI Apparel Loungewear

Pam from MADI Apparel suggests their loungewear products: “It’s a line of loungewear, athleisure wear that easily transitions from daywear to evening, from pools to pubs, from yoga class to classy date night. Perfect for women wanting to declutter their closet or pack light for that trip through Europe.”

“And, it’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. MADI Apparel donates a new pair of underwear to women in domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters and rape crisis centers for every MADI garment purchased. Buy one, give one. MADI is the TOMS Shoes of underwear. Why underwear? Underwear tops the most urgent needs list of nearly every domestic violence and homeless shelter and rape crisis center.”

iPod Touch

Charish of Rollerbag Goddess gives a somewhat timeless suggestion: “My iPod Touch has been an invaluable tool for me as I travel the globe and it would be a great Mother’s Day gift for any mom who loves to travel. I essentially have 10 pounds of travel tools in a device that is featherlight and fits in the palm of my hand. I wouldn’t travel without it.”

“I have travel apps installed that I use on a daily basis, including currency calculators, wayfinding apps, and communications tools such as Skype and FaceTime–handy if you don’t want to mess with SIM cards or expensive international data, but still want to stay in touch with the family. The real workhorse is the Google Translate app, which translates text in photos (such as road signs) and can also do real-time translation during conversation, if you have wifi.”

“Best of all, I never get unexpected overage or roaming charges and it’s cheaper than an iPhone. I can leave both my laptop and phone at home, if I want to travel light.”

Hoagard World Map Metal Frame

Hoagard World Map Metal Frame

Thassia Soares, a travel blogger from Family Off Duty, is a traveling mom offering up one of her favorites: The Hoagard World Map Metal Frame.

“My readers love this product – a World Map Metal Frame where you can hang pictures of your family’s travel. It is beautiful, modern and a great way to display your vacation photos.”

UGOBAGS Custom Printed Luggage

Robert of UGOBAGS has this story: “In 2015, I was at a trade show and discovered custom printed luggage from a company called UGOBAGS. My kids and I designed a bag for my wife with images of her “happy place,” Laguna Beach. This beautiful bag arrived with vibrant images of Laguna Beach, complete with messages from our kids written into the sand.”

“We loved the bag so much that we purchased the company! Our bags are sold on eBags and Zazzle. Our website was recently hacked so we are redesigning our site , but it has always included functionality for choosing one of 5 suitcase sizes that come in 3 colors, with 10 trim color choices and uploading artwork to see what it would look like on the suitcase!”

Trip to the Anna Jarvis House

Kathleen at the Gillum House Bed & Breakfast in Shinnston, WV suggests:

“Why not take Mother to where Mother’s Day began? On May 11, there is a tea at the Mother’s Day Shrine in Grafton, WV – where the first Mother’s Day Service was held. There is a quilt raffle and events in Grafton. The Anna Jarvis house (founder of Mother’s Day) in Webster (about 2 miles or so) is open with events. All of this a short scenic ride from Gillum House Bed & Breakfast in Shinnston, WV.”

Lingo Playing Cards

Lingo Playing Cards

Lingo playing cards are a fun way to play cards while learning the basics of the language of your choice. There’s French, Spanish, Indonesian, Mandarin, and even British slang!

Get yours at Amazon.

GetMyBoat: Book a Boating Experience for Mom

With 130,000 options across 9,300 destinations, we can help almost all families find the perfect experience to get out on the water and enjoy the beautiful May weather during Mother’s Day. It’s a great option for minimalist moms who love travel and experiences and don’t want to acquire more “things.”

As Val from GetMyBoat says, “We see an increase around this time of families booking experiences like day boat cruises with a captain, brunch aboards, or other water experiences like family pontoon days, whale-watching tours, or even water sports for adventurous moms like parasailing.”

Check out their website here.

Well, that’s all for our top Mother’s Day gifts for the woman who loves to travel. Got any more ideas? Add them below in the comments, and thanks for stopping by!


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