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Best Brew Brands: A List of 6 of the World’s Finest Coffee Brands


Finding the world’s best cup of coffee is a scavenger hunt across thousands of small shops and big-name companies. This list highlights 6 brands that stand out.

Coffee has been one of the world’s most beloved traditions for hundreds of years.

From the sound it makes as it’s poured into a porcelain cup to the rich scent that wakes sleeping minds, it’s a staple in morning routines everywhere. Not all coffee is created equal, however, and everyone deserves to experience the best.

coffee in mug with coffee beans
Taken by M. Kenneally via unsplash.com. [Public Domain].

We’ll take you on a brief journey around the world to document some of the best coffee the world has to offer.

Solberg & Hansen

Solberg & Hansen is a cup of coffee meant to be enjoyed in its purest form—neither cream nor sugar should go near this cup of joe. This brand from Norway began in 1879, when Karl Solberg and Fritjof Hansen formed a partnership that would eventually earn them a spot in the coffee hall of fame. The beans used in this brand blend together seamlessly to create a bold flavor that’ll stick in your mind long after you’ve emptied your cup.

Café Allegro

Inside a century-old building in Seattle hides an unassuming shop that serves some of the world’s greatest coffee. Café Allegro was established in 1975, making it one of Seattle’s oldest espresso bars. Their coffee beans are roasted on-site, allowing baristas to serve you the freshest cup possible. For those too far away in the United States to visit the café in person, Café Allegro offers online coffee subscriptions.

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Market Lane Coffee

Market Lane Coffee is a brand from Australia deeply dedicated to the craft. The owners are constantly looking for ways to heighten the quality of their product. Their coffee is roasted in small quantities, and they pride themselves on their ability to create flavors that are extraordinary even without being blended. The thing that makes Market Lane undeniably great is its attention to sustainability. The owners have values as rich and modern as their brews, and it takes only one taste of their product to recognize this.

Seesaw Coffee

This Chinese chain recognizes that the quality of coffee lies not only in its taste, but also in the experience as a whole. To them, the drink is an occasion, whether enjoyed with friends or in one’s own home. The standard of your coffee deserves to match the standard of your own life. With methodically sourced beans and a full-bodied taste, Seesaw from China is that quality cup of coffee you’ve been craving.

Café Verlet

This French café is a veteran in the coffee world, having served their brand since the 1880s. When merchant Auguste Woerhlé inherited the Verlet house in Paris, France, he brought with him a passion for exotic flavors from around the world—including diverse blends of both tea and coffee.

The company works closely with its distributors to ensure only the highest quality of coffee. Their menu boasts a large selection of handmade staples from French cuisine. If you want to try their historically acclaimed coffee, you can order some online.

Arbuckles’ Coffee

This brand from the United States is hailed as the best coffee in the West, and for good reason. It’s so renowned that there was a time when cowboys didn’t even know that other coffee brands existed. Arbuckles’ began in the 19th century when two brothers decided that something had to be done about the inefficiency of roasting coffee.

The result was a brand that still thrives today. Over 100 years later, the coffee retains its original quality and traditions. In fact, each bag of coffee sold contains a stick of peppermint, a tradition that has been in practice since the company’s inception.

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