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Belgium History: A Quick Timeline of Belgian Historical Events


A brief historical timeline of Belgium, including important dates and events from Belgium’s past. Get an overview of Belgium history in no time.

Here is a brief timeline of important events that have shaped the country of Belgium and its people; the focus here will be geared towards recent events (from 100 years ago or so), located towards the bottom, but we’ll begin with more ancient events first.

Timeline of Belgian History & Important Historical Events

1425 – University of Leuven Founded, Pope Martin V founds University by issuing papal bull.

1830 – Declares Independence from the Netherlands

1958 – Benelux Economic Union Formed, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

1960 – Grants Independence to Democratic Republic of the Congo

1962 – Grants Independence to Ruanda-Urundi, Ruanda-Urundi becomes the two nations Rwanda and Burundi.

1992 – Ratified Maastricht Treaty on EU

2002 – Belgium Begins Using Euro, Franc replaced by euro currency.

2007 – Governmental Woes, Part I, Belgium goes without government for 100 days.

2011 – Governmental Woes, Part II, And again: 541 days without a government.

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