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Mariia Kislitsyna is a polyglot and literature fanatic, and she has a bachelor's degree in business administration and management. She loves to write about travel and education stories in the hopes of learning more for herself at the same time. Hailing from Kyiv, Ukraine, she now lives in Warsaw, Poland, where she is working on her master's degree in strategic management.
the history of Georgia is long and storied, but far from over

Georgia History: A Quick Timeline of Georgian Historical Events (the Country, Sakartvelo)

A brief historical timeline of Georgia, including important dates and events from Georgia's past. Get an overview of Georgian history in no time.
Spending Time in San Marino: Fortress

Spending Time in San Marino (Wisely & Almost for Free!)

San Marino, located in its namesake micronation, is often a day trip from Italy; spending time in San Marino can be done very economically in the right way.
Basilica Cistern Istanbul Pillars

Istanbul’s Magical “Yerebatan Sarnıcı” (Basilica Cistern)

Basilica Cistern Istanbul: As one of Istanbul's most important sites, it offers history, legends, and fun, serenity below the bustling city streets.