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Hristina Dimitrova was born in Rousse, Bulgaria. At the age of 9 she visited Plovdiv for the first time. She instantly fell in love with the city and knew right away she wanted to live there one day. This happened when she was 18, and she’s been happily living in Plovdiv for more than 10 years now. She is a busy stay-at-home mom of a little baby boy and a full-time freelance writer. The two things she loves doing are writing and studying – you will either find her in front of a new Microsoft Word document or in the university library.
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Ilinden: A Bulgarian Summer Holiday (Feast of St. Ilia)

Celebrated annually on 20 July, Ilinden, the Feast of St. Ilia, is among the most famous of the summer holidays and name days in Bulgaria.
weird wedding traditions featured

5 Weird Wedding Traditions from Around the World

We all know the famous ones like carrying the bride across the threshold. But here are some weird wedding traditions from around the world.
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Eniovden: Bulgarian Midsummer & St. John’s Eve

Eniovden (sometimes called Enyovden or Saint John's Eve) is a Bulgarian summer holiday that is celebrated annually on 24th June, during Midsummer.
4 Amazing October Festivals & Traditions

4 Amazing October Festivals & Traditions from Around the World

We're all probably familiar with Oktoberfest and Halloween as October's top holidays; here are four other amazing October festivals from around the world.
Vintners Bush Osmizza Italy

Vintner’s Bush: One of the Oldest European Traditions

Vintner’s Bush has many forms and can be found in almost all European countries; it is one of the oldest traditions in Europe.
Amazing Birthday Celebrations from Around the World

Amazing Birthday Celebrations from Around the World

Planning your birthday party or someone else's and need some inspiration? Check out these amazing birthday celebrations from cultures around the world.
Scenes Depicting St. Peter and St. Paul

Petrovden, the Day of St. Peter and Pavel

Petrovden is a famous name day in Bulgaria, celebrated annually on 29th June; it is widely-celebrated, as it is the day of St. Peter and St. Pavel.
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Bread in Bulgaria: Meaning, Symbols, Traditions & Superstitions

Bread in Bulgaria has a special place in their culture and history, and in this post, we look at just how important this staple is to the Bulgarian people.
Nativity of the Virgin Birth of Mary Icon

Babinden, Bulgaria’s Midwife’s Day

Babinden, Midwife’s Day in Bulgaria, is a holiday that’s been celebrated for many years to honor the midwives who helped with home births.
Christmas Decor

Koleduvane: A Bulgarian Christmas Tradition

Bulgarians have some great traditions, and the pre-Christmas Koleduvane is certainly one of them, a mix of pagan rituals and Christian symbols.