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Pizza Looks Around World featured

What Pizza Looks Like Around the World (Infographic)

When we think of pizza, the first thing that springs to mind is the Italian classic, but this infographic shows us what pizza looks like around the world.
Packing Techniques Infographic Featured

8 Packing Techniques to Help You Save Space in Your Suitcase (Infographic)

This "Packing Techniques" infographic by Expedia shows you eight different strategies to help you save some space in your suitcase on your next trip.
Packing Techniques Infographic Featured

Packing Techniques to Save Space in Your Suitcase (Video)

This is the Packing Techniques video to complement the infographic of 8 different ways to save space in your suitcase, by Expedia via NeoMam Studios.
Ca Maria Adele Venice Moorish Room

Ca Maria Adele in Venice, Italy: A Detailed Review of the Most Luxurious Hotel

Ca Maria Adele, in Venice, Italy, is simply the most gorgeous boutique hotel in the land. Here is my detailed review of these luxurious accommodations.
Enjoy Mobile Korea 2016 Campaign 1

Traveling to South Korea? Get a Free Cell Phone, While You’re At It

Lucky travelers to South Korea can enjoy a free smartphone rental, free unlimited data, and free unlimited voice calling, thanks to the Korea Tourism Org.
state of our site

State of our Site: Update November, 2015

Site Update November, 2015: Brief look at what's going on here at Dauntless Jaunter, including some new features and why we've seemingly neglected the site.
Arab Persian Middle Eastern

Arab vs. Persian vs. Middle Eastern

Middle Eastern, Arab, Persian: People often get these terms confused, but it's important to understand these general concepts and their differences.
Plane Boarding Etiquette Featured

Don’t Be An Asshole Traveler: Proper Plane Boarding Etiquette Rules

There's limited time to board, so there are some common sense and courteous plane boarding etiquette rules that should be followed to ensure punctuality.
How to Say Cheers in Every Language

How to Say “Cheers” In Every Language (Well, a lot of them)

"Cheers" is one of the most useful phrases to know in another language. Learn how to say it, along with meaning and pronunciation, in many other languages.
American Flag

American Demonym: Why Do USA Citizens Call Themselves “Americans”?

American demonym: It seems unfair, narcissistic, and arrogant, argue some, for citizens of the United States of America to call themselves "Americans."