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Coney Island Brooklyn

Summer at Coney Island, Brooklyn

There are numerous fun and exciting things to do during the summer at Coney Island at the south of the borough of Brooklyn, in New York City.
Busy Airport

TSA Pat-Down Avoidance: Four Items That Could Get You In Trouble

TSA Pat-Down Avoidance: There are a few surprising items you may have packed in your carry-on that could send up a red flag at security.
State Department Travel Crisis

What the U.S. State Department Can and Can’t Do for You in a Crisis

Many travelers don't know just how much help they can expect from the U.S. State Department when they are trying to leave a country during a crisis.
DJ Word Cloud Cover

Traveling with Pets: 3 Quick Tips to Ease the Trip

Don't want to leave your beloved pet behind next time you go on vacation? Here are a few quick tips for traveling with your pets.
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Eating Street Food: Benefits Beyond & Long After the Meal

You might have doubts, but there are many reasons that eating street food benefits you while traveling, and could be better than your standard restaurant.
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Longer Stay, Less Money

Time to check the bank account and lock everything in. You're about to book your next vacation, but a big question remains: how long can you afford to stay?
Traveling by Bus - Megabus

Traveling By Bus

Traveling by bus need not be as annoying and cumbersome as is the common perception. Here's a quick plea to reconsider bus travel.
US CBP Inspection

Encountering The U.S. Customs and Border Protection

My experience getting stopped by the United States Customs and Border Protection (US CBP) and detained for hours at my home airport, JFK.
D'Norberto Peluqueria in Colombia

Satisfy Your Indulgences Abroad

You're already traveling and spending money - why not save a bit by taking care of some of your luxuries and indulgences while abroad?
Colpatria Tower at Night

A 10-Day Trip to Bogotá, Colombia’s Charming & Charismatic Capital

My 10-Day Bogotá experience in Colombia's vibrant capital city for the first time. Food, museums, buses, mountains, beer, nightlife, art, and more.