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D'Norberto Peluqueria in Colombia

Satisfy Your Indulgences Abroad

You're already traveling and spending money - why not save a bit by taking care of some of your luxuries and indulgences while abroad?
Colpatria Tower at Night

A 10-Day Bogotá Experience, Colombia’s Capital

My 10-Day Bogotá experience in Colombia's vibrant capital city for the first time. Food, museums, buses, mountains, beer, nightlife, art, and more.
first flight nightmare mexicana

My First Flight Nightmare

A story about my cancelled flight experience and an account of flight-related trouble with Mexicana Airlines due to it going bankrupt.
DJ Word Cloud Cover

Welcome to The Dauntless Jaunter!

Our first post at the Dauntless Jaunter Travel Site - Welcome! We hope you'll follow along with us around the world :)