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Sierra Mar Restaurant

10 Impressive Restaurants with the Best Views in the United States

Take dinner with a view to a whole new level with these unforgettable restaurants with the best views in the U.S. Enjoy a captivating dinner with a scenic view.
tips on tipping receipt check

Tips on Tipping: 5 Gratuity Customs From Around the World

Gratuity customs around the world are all quite different, and it can cause a lot of confusion. Thankfully, our simple guide is here to provide some clarity.
coffee in mug with coffee beans

Best Brew Brands: A List of 6 of the World’s Finest Coffee Brands

Finding the world's best cup of coffee is a scavenger hunt across thousands of small shops and big-name companies. This list highlights 6 brands that stand out.
cheapest days to fly and book a ticket

Cheapest Days to Fly: When is the Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets?

What are the cheapest days to fly? When is the best time to purchase flight tickets? It's NOT Tuesday. The answer is more complicated in 2019 and beyond.
Mexico Women Traditional Dancing Cinco de Mayo Dresses

Cinco de Mayo: History & Background on the 5th of May Mexican Holiday

What is Cinco de Mayo? In this post, we look at the festive Mexican holiday "5th of May," the celebration, traditions, colors, foods, background, and more.
Inn Thein Monastery Inle lake Myanmar Burma

Myanmar vs Burma: Which Country Name is Correct and Acceptable?

Myanmar vs Burma—Which is correct? In this post, we clear up the differences between Burma and Myanmar, along with the etymology of both country names.

Walpurgis Night: The Germanic Festival Celebrating Summer Beginning

Walpurgis Night is a European holiday which combines some ancient pagan rituals with Christianity and held on the evening of April 30 to bring in summer.
calendar month names origins

Month Names & Origins: How Did the Months Get Their Names in English?

What is the story behind the month names? In this post, we go in order, January through December, to talk about the etymology and month name origins.
mothers day image mum

30+ Best Mother’s Day Gifts, Experiences & Ideas for the Traveling Mom

These Mother's Day gifts are perfect for any woman who loves to travel. From simple home decor to trip accessories, these are the top presents for mama.
standing on escalators London Tube

Walking on Escalators to Save Time? Don’t, Because It Doesn’t

Ever walk up the left side of an escalator to get to the next floor faster? Turns out, you help cause more congestion, according to various studies.