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Amazing Birthday Celebrations from Around the World


Planning your birthday party or someone else’s and need some inspiration? Check out these amazing birthday celebrations from cultures around the world.

Amazing Birthday Celebrations from Around the WorldRegardless of how old you get (and we all are getting older), birthday celebrations are always a festivity that warms the heart. It is true that you don’t get a year younger, and with time, responsibilities seem to pile up on your to-do list, but this doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a party to remember. While in the past it was enough to get together with friends and have a drink or two to celebrate your birthday, nowadays people prefer to have birthday celebrations that are extraordinary and memorable. If you are planning your birthday and need some inspiration, check out these amazing birthday celebrations from around the world:

Amazing Birthday Celebrations: The Sweeping Bachelor (Germany)

If you are still a bachelor when you become 30, your friends might surprise you with a birthday party according to the German tradition. You will be officially handed a broom and taken to a place like the City Hall or some other public place where a lot of people can see you, and you will have to sweep. Although most men would prefer jumping over open fire to sweeping the streets of Germany, ladies appreciate this tradition and enjoy it whenever they can witness it. The sweeping will continue until there is a merciful woman who will kiss you and put an end to your torment. Let’s hope that more ladies get familiar with this tradition as you might end up sweeping with a broom until your next birthday!

Amazing Birthday Celebrations: The Ears’ Pulling (Hungary and Argentina)

If some of your friends want to have fun on your birthday, at your expense, of course, you might be woken up in the morning pulled by your ears. If you expected a bucket of water all over you while you are still asleep, this is not what they do in Hungary and Argentina. You will be wished a long and healthy life and for this purpose, your earlobes will be pulled as much (and as painfully) as possible. You probably will not find it that amusing, but at least your friends will enjoy it a lot!

Amazing Birthday Celebrations: Less Birthday Parties (China)

If you are not a party animal and don’t want to be reminded every year that you become older and pay for that “luxury” by organizing a party with food and drinks, you can always say that you turned to the Chinese tradition of birthday celebrations. In China, people celebrate only their 1st, 10th, 60th, 70th and 80th birthdays. The 60th birthday is the most important of them all because it completes the full cycle of the Zodiac (12×5). On your birthday (according to the Chinese tradition) you will be served a plate of long noodles that you have to slurp as much as possible. Apparently, this is supposed to bring you a long and healthy life. So assuming that you are between 20 and 50, you will have only three birthday parties to “suffer” in your life. More than acceptable, don’t you think?

Amazing Birthday Celebrations: Birthday Equals New Year (Vietnam)

If you want to combine multiple birthday celebrations into one for even more happiness and joy, you can stick to the Vietnamese tradition. In Vietnam, people celebrate their birthdays on New Year’s Eve. Thus, even if you don’t feel too festive (or in the mood) about your birthday, you can catch a bit of the celebration spirit for the coming New Year!

Amazing Birthday Celebrations: Rice Yoghurt (Nepal)

In case your friends want to add some color to your birthday celebration, they would try the Nepalese tradition, according to which some colored rice yogurt is put on your forehead for long life, health, and good luck.

Amazing Birthday Celebrations: Flag Waving (Denmark)

Let’s imagine that you are a person who wants the whole world to know your birthday is fast approaching. You can follow the Denmark tradition – a flag will be strapped outside your window, and you will wake up surrounded by gifts – a lot of them.

Amazing Birthday Celebrations: King-Like Chair Lifting (Lithuania)

If you want to have a royal touch added to your birthday celebration and to be treated like a king or queen, just follow the Lithuanian tradition. The front door of your house will be decorated with a garland, and you will have to sit in a chair and be lifted up (three times!) by your family members. Have mercy for your family and follow this tradition only if you are sure they will handle it!

Amazing Birthday Celebrations: Money-Making (Scotland)

Making money on your birthday celebration is a great idea. In Scotland, the party child is given a pound note for every year they turn plus one extra (for good luck). You can do the math about how much you would have made if you celebrated your birthday following this tradition. Why not even ask your friends for the money they didn’t give you for all your past birthdays? You might as well retire after successfully following this tradition…

Amazing Birthday Celebrations: Giving Presents to Guests (Peru)

Wouldn’t it be nice if guests at the birthday party also received some treats and presents? That’s exactly what they do in Peru! The birthday celebrations and traditions of Peru demand that all guests receive two types of gifts (recordatorio) – a goody box and a pin, made especially for the event.

Amazing Birthday Celebrations: Bumps Birthday Tradition (Ireland)

The Irish for sure know how to wake you up early in the morning and remind you that you have a birthday. You will be given bumps, and their number depends on how old you get plus one additional for good luck. For this purpose, you will have to be turned upside down. We hope that your friends have a strong grasp and will not let you fall.

Amazing Birthday Celebrations: Nose Greasing (Canada)

If you want to make sure that bad luck will not get a hold of you, just stick to the Canadian tradition. Your nose will be greased, and it is believed that if it becomes too slippery, bad luck won’t be able to catch you. Although this is a tradition that is mostly meant for children, older people can also stick to it, especially if they are afraid that bad luck would pack its suitcases and park at their door.

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All these amazing birthday celebration traditions from around the world spring from old times and most of them follow certain superstitious trends. Usually, the old ways go hand in hand with the new ones, and it doesn’t matter which of the birthday celebrations ideas you will grasp. As long as you and your friends and family make this day memorable, you can mix and match as many birthday traditions from around the world as you wish! And remember that, according to numerology, every birthday is a start of a new cycle and has to be completed successfully, and that is worthy of being celebrated.

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