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5 Albania Travel Tips: Important Things To Know Before a Trip to Albania


Ready for your trip to Albania? Our Albania travel tips will make sure you stay safe, on budget, and ready to make the most of your Albanian adventure!

Are you ready to cross “travel to Albania” off your bucket list?

Good for you!

Albania is a great country often overlooked by tourists in Europe. But, it’s got great food, an amazing coastline, historic sites, and very warm people, and travelers are slowly beginning to “discover” it.

Lake Koman Albania travel tips
Lake Koman in northern Albania. Taken by Y. Alarie via unsplash.com. [Public Domain].

Here are our best Albania travel tips to know before you go:

1. Stay Safe

Albania is a relatively safe country, and you should be fine taking all the standard travel safety precautions. However, be careful in the south of the country, particularly Lazarat, as it does have higher levels of crime than other Albanian cities and towns.

2. Skip the Tap Water

Although most sources agree that tap water in Albania is generally safe to drink, even many Albanians seem to skip it in favor of bottled water. To be super careful and safe yourself, stick to bottled water as well. Remember that tap water also comes in the form of ice cubes, so avoid getting ice cubes in your drinks when being served at restaurants.

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3. Learn Some of the Albanian Language

When traveling to Albania, the language will no doubt sound novel and unique. That’s because, unlike almost all the other European languages, Albanian does not have Latin, Greek, Germanic, or Slavic roots. In fact, it isn’t closely related to any other language at all, which cause many a linguistic scholar plenty of sleepless nights.

To make your trip easier, as well as to be a hit to the locals, learn some Albanian! Here are a few words to get you started:

  • Hello: Përshëndetje
  • Thank You: Faleminderit
  • Bye: Mirupafshim
  • How Much?: Sa Shumë?

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4. Visit the Ruins

If you went to Greece, France, the UK, or other European countries to check out historic Roman or Greek ruins, you’d be jostled by crowds of tourists, no doubt. However, because Albania is much less traveled, you can see the grandeur of the various historical sites almost completely alone! Some top archaeological places to go in Albania are Apollonia, Krujë Castle, and the Roman amphitheatre in the city of Durrës.

5. Carry Your ID

It is a requirement that everyone have their identification on their person when out and about. However, rather than carry your passport, take your passport card if you have one, a driver’s license, or a photocopy of your passport. Then, you can keep your passport secure locked away in the hotel room safe!

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Well, that’s all our Albania travel tips for now, and we hope you enjoy your trip to this Balkan country! If you have any questions, feedback or other travel tips for Albania, let us know in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

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