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Adjacent Rooms vs. Adjoining Rooms


Adjacent rooms vs. adjoining rooms. In this article, we explain how to tell the difference between adjoining rooms and adjacent rooms, with definitions.

adjacent rooms vs. adjoining rooms differencesAnother installment of our “What’s the Difference?” category of posts, and this one will be much quicker than the rest. Today, we’ll differentiate adjacent rooms vs. adjoining rooms.

These two are fairly self-explanatory, but many travelers still confuse one for the other, probably due more to their similar sound and spelling.

Here’s how to tell the difference between adjoining rooms and adjacent rooms:

Adjacent Rooms

What are adjacent rooms?

Adjacent rooms are hotel rooms that are next to each other, most likely side by side.

A party of guests might request adjoining rooms to ensure that they are situated in the hotel in close proximity to each other. Guests should remember that adjacent rooms does not necessarily mean that they are adjoining rooms (see below).

Some hotels consider adjacent rooms to be simply near each other, such as across the hall. This is not technically the definition of adjacent rooms, but most likely due to the fact that the room numbers are adjacent (odd numbers on one side, even numbers across the hallway).

Adjoining Rooms

What are adjoining rooms?

Adjoining rooms are hotel rooms that are connected to each other and able to be booked together to make one larger entity.

Most of the time, they are also adjacent rooms, with a door or entryway connecting the two; however, they may be adjoining rooms without being adjacent rooms, perhaps through the utilization of a hallway, stairs, or some other passage.

Some places define adjoining rooms to have a connecting wall without a doorway, but usually, adjoining rooms are connected by a door that locks.

Often, there is a door on both sides, opening inward to each room and able to be locked on either end, so that privacy can be ensured in either room. Having doors that lock on each side allows the hotel to use the rooms separately for two different sets of guests.

Adjacent Rooms vs. Adjoining Rooms

So, adjacent rooms (next to each other) may also be adjoining rooms if they have a doorway between them.

Adjoining rooms (connected) are usually adjacent rooms, logically, but you may find special instances where this isn’t the case, such as if the rooms are connected by a passageway.

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