Partners of Dauntless Jaunter

These people and brands are special to Dauntless Jaunter, and we endorse and promote the services they offer. These are friends of the Dauntless Jaunter Travel Site, for no particular reason other than that perhaps their personas and profiles resonate with us. Support us by supporting these great partners of ours!

*Disclosure: NONE of these people or brands paid or sponsored their inclusion on this page.

Bester Language - Dauntless Jaunter Partners

Bester Translation Services is a small translation company that offers top-quality work translating Italian- and French-language materials into either UK or US English.

SinoTrans - Dauntless Jaunter Partners

Sino-Trans is the consulting company run by all-around China expert and Dauntless Jaunter author Nicholas Mackenzie. Search for his site for translation services and advice about China and the local culture.

Way2A - Dauntless Jaunter Partners

Way2A is a neat little startup from some friends of mine in Warsaw, Poland. This app helps you to track your routes via your phone’s GPS as you tour around a new city. Share your routes with others, and find good walking tours by looking up routes that others have uploaded, complete with waypoints, tips, and more. Website »