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Mission Statement

The Dauntless Jaunter Travel Site, simply put, is all about travel, and so, our mission is to encourage it. We are dedicated to championing travel – the socially-conscious, culturally-aware, educational, and enlightening sort – as well as to promote travel’s importance and lifelong value.

Whether it is solo or group travel, independent or tour-based, travel is important for any person. We believe that traveling to lands, distant or otherwise, can only better a person, particularly when there is a level of immersion into the local people and their cultures, traditions, cuisine, history, and language.

Traveling allows us to broaden our understanding of others, which, in turn, should further our admiration of, communication with, and appreciation for the peoples that make up our world; we’re quite optimistic, sure, but that’s just one more trait which has been strengthened by life on the road.

Furthermore, a traveler can bring home with them knowledge and newfound enthusiasm (and weird, new snacks!) of that far and away place whence they returned to people who might not have experienced another culture (at least, perhaps, that particular one), possibly arousing in another the curiosity of distant peoples, appreciation for other cultures, and other such effects, themselves – a domino effect if that traveler inspires another; a veritable snowball effect should several become inspirited.

Proper traveling brings you out of your comfort zone and forces you to at least try to eat weird foods and communicate in a foreign tongue. It can help you overcome your fears of other peoples and cultures, or if you start very young, when your mind is more easily influenced, you can probably grow up without having these fears in the first place. Ask questions that you think may be stupid, because when sincerely asked, there are no stupid questions. Let your guard down, and allow yourself to roll with the punches that a new city may throw at you. Get lost; stumbling unexpectedly into the wrong neighborhood or street may just let you end up meeting some of the friendliest people that you could not have found any other way. Do not be naive, but allow yourself to be open to suggestion.

The world is full of beauty, from sunsets to green seas to rolling pastures to dense rainforests and beyond. We’ll do our best to capture these scenes of nature in their glory and grandeur, but we will always emphasize people: countries and their unified histories; cities and their international blending and cohabitation; towns and villages with their encapsulated customs and etiquette; individuals with their exclusive stories and knowledge that you can’t find anywhere else. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but we argue that an actual thousand words can (and will often) reward you far more substantially, long after a photo has lost its luster:

  • A thousand words shared with a local over a beer as you travel can blossom into a thousand letters back and forth during a lifetime as pen pals;
  • A thousand words learned in your destination’s language beforehand will translate into a more intimate understanding of what you will encounter;
  • A thousand words studied on a principle character in your future city’s folklore may expose the influence it has had on art and architecture as you roam the streets of the Old Town – symbolism that probably would have been glanced over had you not previously read about it.

Our mission comes down to this: we want to constantly bring you fresh stories and advice to further inspire your love for traveling, and to gather all the benefits that travel has to offer. We hope that you will visit this site often as it grows and as we grow with it, and feel welcome to comment on the posts and share your stories with us.

Bon voyage!

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