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After almost three years of existence with a poorly-thrown-together logo, I am proud and honored to announce that Dauntless Jaunter Travel Site has a new logo!

Designed by two of my best friends, I couldn’t ask for something more perfect as far as what I wanted. My Chilean diplomat friend, Giancarlo Alberti, took my verbal ideas, artfully stenciled it on paper, then colored and painted the drawing to produce an impressive logo draft. Then, my talented German friend, Marcel Slottke, took Gian’s drawing, digitized it, and touched it up.

Below is the timeline and evolution of the new logo, from Gian’s first draft to Marcel’s finished product:

Marcel Slottke and Giancarlo Alberti are two of my best friends, but regardless, they are independently artistic and talented:

Giancarlo Alberti is a diplomat in addition to being an artist. He is a consul for the Consulate General of Chile in New York, a consulate office under the Embassy of Chile. As a consul for the Chilean Consulate, Gian works in the Cultural Department, managing and promoting Chilean artistic interests in New York City and around, such as new musical bands, artists, history, etc. One of my best friends, I keep him around for his artistic eye as well as his handy diplomatic immunity.

Check out an interview with Gian HERE »

Marcel Slottke is originally from Hamburg, Germany. Currently a freelancer, Marcel has an impressive portfolio. He designed and orchestrated the global relaunch of BMW (website), created the e-zine for the Audi R8, and provided art direction and screen design for TUI, one of Europe’s largest travel companies, among other things. I don’t know how I got lucky enough to get him to work on my logo – it feels akin to having Haruki Murakami proofread one of my blog posts.

I thought of changing logos several months before actually getting it done. The reason it took so long is because I couldn’t figure out how to properly portray a “dauntless jaunter.” “Dauntless” is an adjective usually attributed to people meaning “fearless” and “determined.” A “jaunt” is a short trip, so a “jaunter” (not yet an official word) is one who jaunts. But how to create a logo that shows an unafraid traveler?

The first thing that came to mind was perhaps a side profile silhouette view of a head, looking up. I thought that a head looking down could be determined to mean that someone is perhaps afraid or unwilling to move forward, so this head looking up, by default, could mean that said person is not afraid. Also, a head looking up signified other things to me, such as a person ready to climb that next mountain, or perhaps looking up over the horizon, or even dreaming of flying.

I told Gian that initial idea, and he kept in mind. Then, over drinks one night, I came up with using that head profile image and superimposing a globe over it. Gian and I also then came up with the idea to have a plane orbiting this globe/head, symbolizing how this traveler constantly thinks about travel.

*A million thanks to these two great friends of mine. They will never understand how thankful and pleased I am with their contribution to this website. 

Christian Eilers

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