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Dauntless Jaunter (DJ) was thought up in August 2010 with the purpose of establishing a central place for organizing thoughts and experiences while traveling the world. The vision for Dauntless Jaunter was that it would be an easy place for people to come for travel information and travel inspiration.

Please do not delve too deeply into the name “Dauntless Jaunter.” Though we are aware that the semantics might be off on this phrase (jaunter is not a word, I believe), it had a nice ring to it, so we are going to stick with it. “Dauntless” is not meant to imply that this is a site for adventure travel only, or for those who are the most adventurous in spirit, but it is used more in the sense that any travel that is taken should not be regretted.

You should “jaunt” on a whim, but you can plan it also. Do not be afraid of traveling for petty reasons such as high costs, weird food, and even weirder people. In these cases, you must stay fearless, you must stay dauntless, or you will miss out on the life-changing effects that travel can and will have on you. 99 out of 100 times, the benefits of the experience of travel will far outweigh the costs and burdens involved.

Travel is important because it gets us out of our comfort zone. When we alter our daily routine, location, and people that we are around, we gain a new perspective. Nothing will make you a worldlier person than going 5000 miles away from home and surrendering your creature comforts. Do not be afraid to book a room at a hostel, talk to a stranger, or eat local culinary treats if they don’t look edible.

Every time you put your inhibitions aside and allow yourself to be confounded by something new, it broadens your frame of reference and sharpens your senses. It will let you understand other points of view, and, in effect, will allow you to not be the narrow-minded asshole who stubbornly holds his own outlook on the world.

Dauntless Jaunter is committed to promoting the importance of travel.

The Dauntless Jaunter site revolves primarily on the Travel Blog. Here there will be constantly updated posts about experiences and adventures from someone on the Dauntless Jaunter team. Past trips and future plans will be visible for the reader’s entertainment. Feel free to comment to each blog post, as well as to other reader’s comments. Our collective conversation might be very educating.

The next important feature is the Contact Page. As this is still a new and small community, there are many simple and efficient ways that will be listed for contacting members of Dauntless Jaunter. The easiest way would be to fill out the contact form with your name and email, though you could use the phone numbers and email addresses there also. We would love to hear from you, and any thoughts you send us would be helpful in bettering the site for the future.

The Travel Resources area has useful tools and information that you can use to make your future travels cheaper, easier, and less intimidating, though the sheer quantity of info that will go here may seem intimidating at first.

Our Country Destination Guides will give you a personal tour of cities and countries that DJ has been to or has information on. Travel Industry Contact Information will soon list all the contact and booking methods of all the major airline companies, hotel chains, etc.

Travel Advice will be an area with sub-pages relating to specific aspects of a trip that you may encounter, and how to handle it effectively. We hope that you enjoy visiting this site, but more importantly, we hope that we can help you on your next journey to enjoy visiting some new destination. Tell your friends, and come back often!
– Christian Eilers, djaunter.com

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