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Top 7 Most Beautiful Wineries to Visit Around the World


If you’re an oenophile, plan a trip to vineyards across the globe. Take a look at what we consider the most beautiful wineries to visit around the world.

If you love drinking wine and traveling, then we have just what you need for the experience of a lifetime. Not much is better than sipping on a refreshing white with some of the best views in the world before you. If you think it’s time for a vacation, then plan your trip to one of the most beautiful wineries to visit around the world.

Find our favorites below!

some of the best wineries around the world can be found in California, Germany, Australia, and Argentina
Taken by T. Rodriguez via unsplash.com. [Public Domain].

Here’s our list of the best and most beautiful wineries in the world:

Cantine Marisa Cuomo, Italy

Picking the most stunning wineries in Italy is hard—basically everywhere in Italy is breathtaking. We narrowed it down to Marisa Cuomo partly because it’s on the fabulous Amalfi Coast, but also because the wine cellar was dug into the limestone cliffs 1,500 feet above the water. An afternoon of wine never tasted so good.

Gray Monk Estate Winery, Canada

Our Canada pick is a winery that overlooks the illustrious Okanagan Lake. The founding of Gray Monk Estate Winery is said to be the turning point for British Columbia wines, so you know you’ll get some history in every sip you take. If you’re a lover of pinot gris, then you’ll definitely want to visit here, as the owners were the first in BC to plant and produce the grape. You don’t want to miss this calming place!

Rippon Winery, New Zealand

These vineyards flow down a slope toward the postcard shores of Lake Wanaka. The Southern Alps in the background might look familiar as you sip—they stood in for the Misty Mountains in The Lord of the Rings film series. If those movies weren’t your cup of tea, don’t fret—the aromatic pinot noirs and the glorious nature will have you happy in no time.

Inglenook, California

Narrowing down the most beautiful wineries in California is a tough task—you truly can’t go wrong in Napa. One of our favorites, however, is Inglenook, which features beautifully preserved late-1880s architecture. You’ll have to book an appointment for a tasting, but you won’t want to miss these views and some of the Valley’s best cabernets!

Bodega Vistalba, Argentina

Next on our list is the mesmerizing Bodega Vistalba. This winery is quite unique, as it was designed to allow gravity to propel the winemaking process so that no pumps are required. Enjoy their various wine tasting packages and their scrumptious tasting menu for lunch!

Weingut Markgraf von Baden, Germany

This winery is like something out of a storybook. A lot of wineries in Germany are known for their crazy, sloped vineyards, and Weingut Markgraf von Baden is no exception. Head here for an afternoon of sipping, and make sure to stay through sunset—the colors and the rolling hills are bewitching. With amazing views, excellent wines, tasty foods, and even gorgeous hikes, you can’t get much better than this!

Quinta do Crasto, Portugal

Last on our list is the angelic Quinta do Crasto in Portugal. The Duoro Valley is one of the world’s most dramatic wine regions, partly because of the Duoro River carving through the hills or the terraced vineyards surrounding it. Not many other wine estates are open to the public, but Crasto is. Sip on some delicious Port wines by their infinity pool, and you’ll never want to leave.

If you’re planning a trip to one of these wineries, make sure that you drink responsibly, know your limits, and understand how the different altitudes can affect your BAC levels. Stay safe, enjoy the views, and sip responsibly!

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