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6 Essential Tips for Traveling Alone Around the Globe


Want to travel but realize you’d be going alone? We’ll help you build up courage with 6 essential tips for traveling alone around the globe.

You shouldn’t have to suppress your travel dreams simply because you have to go by yourself. Your trip could very well be one of the best experiences of your life! No matter your reason for embarking on a solo adventure, follow our tips for traveling alone to gain confidence before you leave home.

woman traveling alone around the world taking pictures
Taken by W. Yangsiri via unsplash.com. [Public Domain].

Here are six tips for traveling alone around the world:

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Meet New People

It’s natural to want to keep to yourself during your travels. At the same time, though, these experiences almost force you to open yourself up to the people around you—even if they’re complete strangers. Don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with somebody on the plane or exchange some words with your waiter or waitress.

2. Do Your Research on Accommodations

When you book a place to stay, check to see if the property has numerous positive reviews. Additionally, you want to make a reservation with a place that offers Wi-Fi for easy internet access. If you check off these boxes, you can be sure that you’ll stay at a safe and enjoyable establishment.

3. Keep Your Friends and Family in the Loop

One of our most important and essential tips for traveling alone is informing your friends and family about your plans. Make copies of your itinerary and give them to loved ones, so they have a rough idea of what you’ll do each day. Don’t forget to regularly stay in touch with them, too. They’ll want to hear about how things are going, and a phone call or video chat will probably make you feel less lonely.

4. Prioritize Safety

We firmly believe that possible danger shouldn’t deter you from going on your solo trip. You just need to be more assertive and aware of your surroundings. Remember that, while it’s essential to keep your folks back home in the know, you should also take your safety concerns up a notch—especially because you’re traveling on your own.

Here are a few things to consider if you’re staying in another country for an extended period:

  • Prevent theft and invest in good locks for your luggage
  • Keep emergency contacts (i.e. family members) and pertinent medical information readily accessible
  • Program the local help numbers into your phone
  • Avoid going out alone late at night
  • Never let strangers know you’re staying in the area alone

5. Take Plenty of Photos

We’re sure this is a given, but you’ll thank yourself for taking these pictures later. They’re pleasant reminders of the freedom you felt in a vastly different environment. Don’t forget to take some photos with you in them—a lot of people return home and immediately regret not putting themselves in front of the camera more.

6. Try Something New

When you travel alone, your schedule is entirely in your control. You can change your mind about any planned activities without fear of putting a damper on someone else’s experience. Plus, this is your time to do whatever you’d like, so choose an activity that’s indulgent or outside your comfort zone. (For example, are you scared of eating street food?

Want to attend an exciting concert, even if that means going with a couple people you just met in the hotel elevator? Do it. Have you always wanted to learn to surf? Take a class. Do you want to go on an outdoor rock-climbing adventure? Find a group.

In short, nothing should hold you back from creating a memorable trip for yourself!

So, what did you think about our essential tips for traveling alone? For more, check out our guide on how to travel alone. Also, we’ve got tons of great travel tips and expert flight tips to really make your adventure a success. Have a look, and thanks for reading!

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