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Family Getaway: 5 Tips for Traveling With a Baby by Car


Need a break from the normal routine? Plan a family road trip getaway. Here are some essential tips for traveling with a baby by car; check them out!

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There’s not a lot of flying going on right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still take a weekend getaway with your family. Rent a sweet little cabin, and take a road trip as a family. It’s an excellent way to spend more time as a family and get a break from typical day-to-day duties. This is especially important for new parents—you deserve a break, too.

But once you’ve made a plan and it comes down to the nitty-gritty of driving, you’re going to want to follow a few tips, especially with a baby or toddler in the car. Check out our essential tips for traveling with a baby by car—you won’t regret keeping these strategies in mind! Start your getaway off on the right foot; learn more below.

Have the Right Accessories on Hand

You already know that some things soothe your baby more than others. Whether it’s a blanket, a toy, or a song, use it. The problem a lot of parents have with road trips is that the shift from a routine at home to this new perspective in the backseat is jarring. Give your child a sense of normalcy by ensuring that you have all their favorite accessories on hand.

In addition, double- or even triple-check your packing before you go. You won’t be happy when you realize on a long stretch of highway that you didn’t bring enough diapers or wipes.

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Stock Your Car Before You Go

As much as the movies make road trips look as simple as hopping in the car and driving, that’s not the move you want to make with a baby on board. Before you go, make sure to stock your car with everything you’d need in case of an emergency. Do you have a car charger? Do you have the things you need in case a tire blows out? The more precautions you take before driving, the safer your drive will be in the long run.

Get in the Backseat With Them

When it comes to the actual drive, make sure you take some time to sit in the backseat with them. Again, it’s okay to break your child’s routine every now and then, but there are ways you can make doing so a little less jarring. To that end, spend some time with them. Rather than staying in the passenger seat, head to the backseat to spend some time with the baby. Even if you’re not playing games with them, just showing your presence can help them feel more comfortable in the car.

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Follow Safety Regulations

This one may seem obvious, but sometimes we need to give voice to the obvious. Make sure your car seat is up to code. Make sure that you’re not driving too fast. Use your turn signals, get an oil change, fill up your safety kit, and keep projectiles tied down. The more you pay attention, the better chance of a safe trip!

Take Breaks When Necessary

Don’t overdo it when it comes to road trips with a little one. Don’t go too far from home, and take breaks throughout the drive. Take some time to enjoy the sights, and if you have to use the restroom, chances are your baby or toddler does, too. Breaks might make the drive longer, but they will make it easier for everyone!

Hopefully, these tips for traveling with a baby by car will give you the push you need to follow through with that weekend getaway. Enjoy it!

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