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4 Best Roadside Attractions to Visit on Your Trip Through the United States


Unique and fascinating art sculptures, museums, and landmarks dot America’s highways. Make room in your itinerary for these incredible roadside attractions.

One of the best parts of traveling by car is the amazing things you get to see along the way.

The United States is full of stunning landscapes, charming small towns, and the quirkiest roadside attractions to make each journey more interesting. No matter where your destination is, you’re sure to pass something equally exciting, unique, and memorable on your way there.

In fact, many roadtrippers make a little extra room in their schedules so they can spend some time exploring these amazing attractions. Others make entire vacations revolving around the most fascinating roadside museums, sculptures, and other curiosities.

Next time you pack your car and hit the road, keep an eye out for these best roadside attractions to visit on your trip:

Enchanted Highway – Regent, North Dakota

Giant Cricket Enchanted Highway Regent North Dakota US
“Grasshoppers in the Field (1999)” located along the Enchanted Highway, Regent, North Dakota. Taken by Flickr user [Terry Robinson]. [CC BY-SA 2.0].

Long drives across flat prairies can quickly become monotonous. Fortunately, this 32-mile stretch of Highway 21 between Regent and Gladstone fills your view with unique and whimsical art sculptures. These metal structures depict local wildlife, offer nods to the area’s culture and history, and more.

Massive deer and pheasants overlook the plains while the world’s largest tin family smile at passersby. These impressive sculptures create memorable sights along an otherwise forgettable road—and you don’t even have to leave your car to enjoy them.

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Hole N” The Rock – Moab, Utah

The Southwestern United States is full of unique and fascinating rock formations. You might even take a trip just to see any of the famous canyons of Arches National Park. However, if you take Highway 191 to your destination, you’ll also see these words painted across a red rock face. “Hole N” the Rock” is, in many ways, exactly what it sounds like.

Visitors can step inside to explore a 5,000-square-foot home carved into the rock face. Albert and Gladys Christensen built and lived in the home until 1957, but it now stands open for tours. You can also visit the trading post, petting zoo, art exhibits, and a memorial to the Christensens.

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Iowa 80 – Walcott, Iowa

Iowa 80 truck stop
The Iowa 80 truck stop is the world’s largest truck stop, situated along Interstate 80 off exit 284 in Walcott, Iowa. Taken by Wikimedia Commons user Beatrice Murch. [CC BY-SA 2.0].

No list of the best roadside attractions to visit on your trip would be complete without the world’s largest truck stop. Whether you’re a professional trucker looking for the best rest stops or a traveling family seeking out cool places to visit on vacation, Iowa 80 has everything you need for an exciting stop.

With eight restaurant options, a movie theater, and even a trucking museum, there’s plenty to explore and learn at this massive rest stop. True trucking fans can even mark their calendars for the annual Truckers Jamboree—a festival dedicated to celebrating the hard work and history of America’s truck drivers.

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Wall Drug Store – Wall, South Dakota

You can find any number of interesting stores and shops along America’s highways. That said, few stops offer as much charm, history, and usefulness as Wall Drug Store in South Dakota. What began as a place to get free ice water back in 1931 now stands as a bustling center of Western homage, kitschy attractions, and the fun, adventurous spirit that makes the American road trip so iconic.

Along with animatronic dinosaurs and singing cowboys, you’ll also find scrumptious donuts and coffee that costs five cents. Wall Drug Store is the last place to stop for gas before entering the Badlands, which means it sees countless visitors from all walks of life. Plus, the ice water is still free.

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